Migrating to Canada is a dream come true for most of the immigrants looking for top class working condition, urban culture and educational priorities. Canada has garnered the reputation for most opted country for immigration for its impeccable working opportunities for every individual from all walks of life. However, the problem comes with the eligibility to enter into immigration programs that is not easy to crack.

One such program is called Express Entry that was introduced in January 2015 through which individuals can directly apply immigration if they are in compliance with eligibility criteria set up for Federal Skilled Worker Canada. These criteria are enumerated below for your perusal:

Work Experience: The migrant can gain up to 15 points for this criteria depending on the work experience, of last 10 years, shown in the papers. However, to qualify under Canada Federal Skilled Worker he or she should gain minimum of 9 points. For eligibility following is required-

  • One year of minimum full time experience, or part time amounting to equal hours which is 1560 hours as calculated 30 hours per week.
  • Should comprise of proper paid work. No volunteer or unpaid internship will be entertained.
  • Should have experience in same field and job
  • Last 10 years of work experience will be counted.
  • Full Time Work Experience will be counted as 30 hours per week for 12 months, that amounts to 1,560 hours.
  • Part Time Work Experience will be counted as 15 hours per week for 24 months or 30 hours per week for 12 months for more than one job that all amounts to 1,560 hours.
  • It is imperative to showcase the specific responsibilities as asked in the job description in the NOC (National Occupational Classification).

Language Eligibility: Immigrants applying for Federal Skilled Workers Canada can garner up to 28 points for their language ability of 24 is for First Official Language and rest four for Second Official Language. Following benchmarks should be met to qualify:

  • Minimum 7 points for CBL (Canadian Language Benchmark).
  • Language Test to qualify in terms of basic English or French in Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening skills as approved by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).
  • The requirement stated by the Federal Skilled Worker Canada should be met in English or French as specified to qualify.
  • The test results for last two years will only be accepted.

Education Requirements: Immigrants can collect up to 25 points on the basis of their education qualification. To qualify you need following:

  • Canadian Secondary High School certificate or post-secondary diploma, certificate or degree.
  • Alternatively, in place of above option immigrant will need a foreign credential fully completed and an ECA report from CIC approved agency that approves and vouches that the education qualification of the applicant is on par or above the standard of Canadian Secondary certificate, diploma or degree to qualify for Canada Federal Skilled Workers.

The above three requirements have to be met compulsorily at minimum level to proceed to next step. The next process is to qualify through next three categories of Federal Skilled Worker Canada which are enumerated below:

  • Age Eligibility: There is no maximum limit to age. As per the age of the immigrant at the time of applying they can be accorded with 12 points maximum.
  • Employment Already Arrange: Many applicants have already applied for the job and can acquire up to 10 points if their employment meet the set criteria required.
  • Adapting: Moving to new country required hardcore adapting abilities from the immigrants. On the basis of this abilities migrants can garner maximum of 10 points.

Immigration process contains much more information and details that an applicant should be aware of. There are other ways to enter Canada other than the Express entry and Federal Skilled Workers option. For this you can contact the case experts of Immigration Xperts that house impeccable immigration consultants that have miles of experience in resolving all queries and issues that will safely and smoothly migrate you to Canada without any hassle.