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Unlock New Horizons: Turkish Citizenship through Investment

Explore Turkey's Unique Immigration Program
Did you know that more than half of the world's trade happens within a four-hour flight from Turkey? That's what makes Turkey a key spot for many big companies worldwide.
Turkey's Citizenship by Investment program offers a chance for residency, citizenship, and a second passport. You can do this by investing in real estate or financial instruments.
Why Become a Turkish Citizen?

  • Easy Travel: Visit over 110 countries without a visa, including all the Schengen countries.
  • Dual Citizenship: You can be a citizen of more than one country at the same time.
  • Strategic Location: Turkey is right between Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Business Opportunities: Move to the UK and run your business as a Turkish businessperson.
  • Global Access: Get one of the top 30 passports globally through the E-2 visa treaty with the US.
  • Family-Friendly: Your whole family can apply for citizenship.
  • International Community: Join over 700,000 expats and 60,000 international companies.
  • Invest in the USA: Use the E-2 Investor Visa to establish your business in the US.

How to Get to the US with a Turkish Passport?

Thanks to the E-2 Visa treaty, Turkish citizens can apply for US residency. This lets you enter, invest, and live in the United States with an investment you control.

Apical Immigration Experts – Your Partner in Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Highlights of Our Program:

  • Family Inclusion: You, your spouse, and children under 18 can become Turkish citizens.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Citizenship is permanent and lasts a lifetime.
  • Easy Requirements: No need for language skills, management experience, or specific education.
  • Property Investment: Hold property for up to 3 years to qualify.
  • Full Rights: Live, work, and study in Turkey.
  • Inheritance Rights: If the main applicant passes away, their family inherits the real estate.
  • Affordable Investment: Invest $250,000 in real estate and earn rental income.
  • No Donations: You don't have to make any donation for property investment.
  • Simple Process: No need to declare your wealth or the source of your funds.
  • Flexible Presence: You're not required to be physically present.

Turkey Visa Guidance Made Simple

Learn everything about Turkey Visa Guidance, from who's eligible to the application process, timelines, and more.
Unlock a world of possibilities with Turkish Citizenship through Investment. Let Apical Immigration Experts guide you every step of the way!

Basic Requirements

To kick start the process, you need to be 18 or older and choose between two investment options:

  • Financial Investment: $500,000, held for 3 years.
  • Real Estate Investment: $250,000, held for 3 years.
Hold on to your real estate for three years, and after completing land registry procedures, you can apply for your right of residence or citizenship with your eligibility certificate.

Visa Journey

Embark on your visa journey step by step:

  • Step In with Apical Immigration Experts: Complete a due diligence check, sign agreements, make a retainer payment, and choose your investment option.
  • Turkey Visit (optional): Notarize documents, sign powers of attorney, gather necessary IDs, open a bank account, and secure health insurance (4-6 weeks).
  • Invest and Transfer Funds: Fulfill your investment, transfer a minimum of $250k or $500k, and get confirmation.
  • Residence Permit Application: Submit your application (1-2 weeks).
  • Citizenship Application: Apply for citizenship without an oath and change your name if needed (8-10 weeks).
  • Citizenship and Passport: Obtain citizenship and a Turkish passport by submitting your passport application and biometrics through the Turkish consulate (1-2 weeks).

Visa Timeline Simplified:

In an ideal scenario, the whole process takes around 6 months from application to passport issuance. Opt for a fast-track service, and you won't need to visit Turkey in person.

Additional Expenses Beyond Apical Immigration Experts' Fees:

For individual applicants, there are additional costs to consider apart from the fees charged by Apical Immigration Experts. Let's break it down:
1. Application Fees:

  • Government Fees: $523 per person
  • Passport Fees: $125 per person
2. Health Insurance:
  • Annual health insurance costs range from $2,250 to $750 per person.
3. Valuation Report:
  • A valuation report is required and comes with a fee of $430.
These additional expenses are essential components of the immigration process, ensuring a comprehensive and smooth journey. Feel free to reach out to us for more details and personalised guidance.

Other Paths to Turkish Citizenship:

Beyond investments with Apical Immigration Experts, explore alternative routes:

  • Fixed Capital Investment: Invest at least $500,000, certified by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.
  • Employment Route: Employ a minimum of 50 people, certified by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services.
  • Bank Investment: Invest a minimum of $500,000 in Turkish banks with a conformity certificate.
  • Public Borrowing Instruments: Purchase at least $500,000 worth of public borrowing instruments.
  • Participation Share: Invest at least $500,000 in real estate or venture capital and obtain a conformity certificate from the Capital Market Board.
Your path to Turkish citizenship is within reach through strategic investments. Let Apical Immigration Experts guide you every step of the way for a seamless and stress-free journey.


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