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Denmark Work Visa

Denmark is one of the most important European Union countries, that encourages immigration of qualified and skilled individuals from across the work that have the abilities to fulfill the demand the Danish labor market while also assist the country in its economic and social development. The Government of Denmark allows the foreign skilled workers, who intend to migrate to Denmark to choose from a list of important work visa schemes with respect to their eligibility and other prerequisites.

Work Visa Schemes

The Danish Immigration Department has various schemes in place to bring qualified and skilled professionals in Denmark. The schemes grant residence and work permits to eligible individuals, which then allows them to stay and work in Denmark for a considerable period of time.

However, it is of high relevance to hold a valid job offer to get a Danish work permit. Some of the most prominent work visas are described below:

Positive List

The list consists of list of occupations and industry sectors that are currently lacking skilled and qualified workers. Individuals that have a job offer in any of these listed occupations can easily obtain work and residence permit in very less duration of time under the Positive List Scheme.

The job offer letter would be required to specify the salary along with employment conditions. The minimum educational qualification of the candidate, applying for the work and resident visa under the Positive List Scheme should be an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree.

Pay Limit Scheme

In case the applicant has a job offer from an employer based in Denmark, that is paying them a gross annual salary equivalent or more than DKK 426,985.06, then they would be eligible to apply for the work and residence permit of Denmark under the Pay Limit Scheme.

Corporate Work Permit Scheme

Starting from April 1, 2015 the Corporate Work Permit Scheme has been abolished and therefore replaced by the Fast-track Work Permit Program.

The Fast-track scheme is designed to make it easier and faster for certified enterprises to recruit international employees that possess special qualifications to work in their company in Denmark. This implies that if an individual is a qualified employee, then they would be having a quick job start in a Danish company. In addition to this, the scheme enables the applicants to switch between working in Denmark and working overseas.

Denmark Green Card Scheme

The Denmark Green Card Scheme could be described as a points-based work permit scheme which enables eligible individuals to live and work in Denmark if they are able to score in the Points Test on the basis of certain factors that includes age, language abilities, work experience and education qualification. If you are able to score a minimum of 100 points, then you can easily become eligible to get a residence permit for a maximum period of 18 months (extendable). In addition to this, you would also be able to bring your family members along with you under the same visa application.

Along with scoring 100 points on the Points Test, the applicant would also be required to hold an appropriate health insurance policy and should also be able to provide sufficient proofs justifying that the applicant would be able to support themselves and their family, accompanying them to Denmark.

Some of the professions that are preferred for intake under the Denmark Greencard Scheme includes researchers, trainees, athletes, religious workers, self-employed enterpreneurs, diplomats, musicians, performing artists, workers in transport industry. However, some Turkish residents are excluded from these regulations.

Further, an individual whose residence permit for Denmark has been revoked based on the asylum requested or under family reunification programme, are also eligible to receive a new residence permit if they have been working or running a business independently for a considerable period of time.

Visa Fee
Visa Scheme Visa Fee (in DKK)
Positive List, Pay Limit Scheme and Residence Permit for applicants seeking new employment opportunities 3,165
Athletes, trainees and embassy employees 3,165
Fast Track Scheme 3,165
Greencard Scheme 6,375

With Denmark Government proposing various easy and flexible work visa schemes, this is certainly the right time to apply for the Danish Work Visa.

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