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Work Visas

Work Visas Immigration Consultant Services In Noida & Delhi/NCR

Work permit is one of the obligatory documents if you want to start a job in foreign countries. A job authorization and permanent residence is mandatory in order to live in overseas and continue the work. Especially, if you want to reside and get an occupation outside of the North European and the North Atlantic countries (also known as Nordic Countries) or the countries of European Union and EEA (The European Economic Area), first and foremost your qualifications should match. If you are interested in working in Denmark, then you can obtain a work authorization or a proper residence according to your qualification. Denmark work visa is the gateway ticket for this sort of things.

Immigration Xperts provides you all kinds of assistance to obtain your own work visa without any doubt. If you have Danish Residence Permit, then work permit is not necessary as these permits are based on the grounds of seeking asylum as well as on the humanitarian grounds, also for the purpose of reunify with family. Obtaining a work permit is totally dependent on your liability, because illegal activities in Denmark results into deportation and also imprisonment in some cases. Therefore, some conditions and policies are there involved with Denmark work visa. It includes other regulations attached with unpaid occupations.

Unique schemes of Denmark work visa by Immigration Xperts:

If you are a professional in your sector of occupation, then it will be easier for you to get a Denmark work permit.

Green Card Scheme-

Immigration Xperts provides green card that will help you to get a job in Denmark according to your qualification. A list of occupations is designed that is comprised of professions in which shortages of eligible professionals are found and it is called Positive List, it facilitates job offers in Danish industrial markets.

Corporate Scheme-

People belong to the outside of Denmark are offered employment according to this scheme. For a certain period of time, they are placed in different branch companies of Denmark like- sister companies or parent corporations.

Pay Limit Scheme-

This scheme involves a straightforward admittance of professionals into the labor market of Denmark. There is a limit of pay per annum in this country and if your job offers more than it, then we go for this scheme as it is a process of simple access.

Easy Access to Danish Market by certain Professions:

There are certain professions for which it is very easier to access a Denmark work visa as the labor market consider those in their merit lists. Such professions are:

  • Athletes and Coaches
  • Trainees- but for a definite period of time
  • Self-employed persons- for establishment of their own businesses
  • Researchers
  • Diplomats
  • Artists- Musicians, theater performers and many more
  • Transport employees etc.

We in Immigration Xperts give special emphasis to the web portals and other databases those have records related to the jobs in Denmark, because it assists our clients to get jobs in line with their choices through the mandatory Denmark work visa.

We provide all sorts of necessary data that will help you to know about what exactly this visa is and why you are going to need it. Along with this, we will illustrate what it looks like and the essential regulations those are included in the process.

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