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Benefits of Hong Kong Immigration

Hong Kong provides a fair method of selecting people for migration.

A large number of Indians are increasingly seeking visa to move to Hong Kong for both short-term and long-term basis. What is attracting so many individuals to Hong Kong every year? Read on to get know more about the benefits of Hong Kong Immigration along with other interesting facts about the country. The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) is one of the most prominent Hong Kong Immigration Visa streams that is chosen by Indian nationals to move to Hong Kong.

Free Economy: The biggest benefit of immigrating to Hong Kong is that the nations supports entirely free economy. Tax rates within the country are considerably low. There is no inheritance tax imposed on citizens. In addition to this, the country also does not have any foreign exchange controls either.

Hong Kong Residency: The migrants are only required to stay in the country for comparatively less time before applying for the residency and therefore the citizenship can be acquired much quickly and easily.

Legal Society: Hong Kong encourages a balance legal society. You can be completely assured towards claiming your human rights, protection of private property and more. There exist diverse opportunities for global entrepreneurs to invest in thriving businesses in the country across various industries.

Democracy: Hong Kong is a democratic country and therefore respect free spirit of its individuals. The citizens of the country live without fearing ant political or ideological detention.

Honest Government: Hong Kong’s government is honest and resourceful and known for offering unmatched services to its citizens and residents. It respects public opinion while protecting public interests. The city does not support corruption and yet another benefit of moving to Hong Kong and become its residents.

Fascinating Habitation: The country exhibits diverse material and spiritual civilization, while providing high quality life, making it the best place for human habitation among all countries. The country also has the second longest life expectancy across the globe.

Cheaper Living: Various amenities offered by the country, such as travelling, food, medical facilities, telecommunication, entertainment are cheaper as compared to other developed countries, thereby attracting a greater number of skilled immigrants. Further, Hong Kong has higher per capita income and therefore provides inexpensive living.

Free Education: The government of Hong Kong provides free education to the dependent children of its residents or migrants. The free education is available for a period of nine years after migrating to the country.

Stunning Tourist Spots: There are various tourist attraction spots namely Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbor, Big Buddha, Hong Kong Skyline and more

Few more advantages of Hong Kong Immigration Visa:

Hong Kong Immigration Visa gets approved for a duration of 2 years.

This visa can be extended further for a maximum period of 3 years, depending on the positive outcomes displayed by you.

After staying in Hong Kong successfully for 7 years, you can become eligible to apply for the citizenship of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Visa holders are not required to show a prior job offer before moving to the country.

The primary Visa Applicant can take their spouse and dependent unmarried children (under 18 years of age) along with them to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Immigration

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