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Canada Immigration Consultant Services In Noida & Delhi/NCR

With a goal to remove hurdles of immigrants, Immigration Experts consultancy is commenced.

Our forte lies in providing proper guidance and step-by-step method following so that the client gets the complete knowledge on visa processing.At Immigration experts, we aim to provide specialization in migration to foreign countries, advisory services and other immigration-related services in order to help the global community. We have made our niche market in the business by providing expert advice and immigration assistance for those aspiring to settle, work or study in

The Immigration Experts consultancy is successfully run by Mr. Manish Srivastava. With experienced team members, The Immigration Experts is working for both Indian and overseas client.

Our Aim

We are not just working for money but also to gain respect.

Aim of ImmigrationExperts consultancy is to serve the applicants and executing their dream by successfully allowing them visa. By reducing the stress. We are providing the best service for your delight immigration experience.

At Immigration experts, we believe in providing high quality client-servicing in those areas that are not aided by government or any governmental bodies. We believe in providing high quality client satisfaction and excel in every arena of immigration related services, including looking after the rights of the recent dwellers are entirely protected and represented whenever needed.

Why Us? is one of the premier immigration consulting services of the country. It is a matter of great pride that till date our success rate has been hundred percent. There is no doubt about the fact, that any assignment that is taken up becomes successful because of not just one but many reasons. From planning to execution, everything has to be done with utmost perfection. An important part of planning is the technical evaluation of the client to know if he/she is eligible to migrate.

At ImmigrationExperts, this evaluation is done free of cost. Before taking up any case, we assure that the client gets his evaluation done and then knows his chance so that he is able to set realistic goals. There are few other consulting firms that charge a good amount of your hard earned money for this evaluation, but we do it for free. This evaluation is like a report card which helps you get a blueprint of your dream and since this is the first step in your odyssey towards a better future, the foundation has to be laid very strong. This gives us all the more reasons to do this work without any margin of error and not let monitory benefits play a role in it. The eligibility report contains: The score card, brief country profile, brief occupation profile and the probability of your success.

It is not done through any software and the quality of the work is not compromised merely because it is free. We do not charge anything for this piece of work only because we do not want you to invest in such a big venture until you have a fair idea of your chances of migration. Once you know that you are eligible to migrate, it is only then that it would be wise to move ahead in this direction. Our experts have in depth knowledge about the requirements of other country and hence advice accordingly.

Try Us!

Process of lodging application for visa is not very simple or easy. Keeping the applicant informed is our initial services that involve overseas aspirates to get our services. Accordingly, we do not accept all the applications. We only accept application of aspirant that can legally fulfill the requirements and gain the test score successfully.

To handle your immigration process we assign our experience professionals as they give you proper guidance to lodge application for visa which will ultimately reduce the time extra time and can obtain utmost result. By providing constructive adjustments guidelines and directing candidates to reduce obstacles of their path we are attempting our ultimate aim.

Below mentioned are few points that make us stand-out from the lot of other immigration experts functioning in India-

  • Dedication towards the Services.
  • Maintains transparency in dealings
  • Step-by-step easy guiding through the process
  • A one- stop shop for all your immigration needs
  • Easy assessment of the qualification and other skills
  • Reasonable consultation charges
  • Easy relocation services without any hassle
  • Customized according to the client’s needs and requirements
  • Quick and smart response to any visa or documentation problems
  • Functional consultation provided by licensed and authorized representative
  • Offering No visa – No Fee service! Which means Your application and money is in “safe hands.”


We have evolved ourselves in such a manner in few years that we have made our clientele worldwide. With a number of satisfied clients around the world, we are one of the most reliable immigration experts while earned a plenty of client’s trust by our expert services and consultations offered.

Hire Us!

Need a consultation for visa or migration services? We can help you. Simply knock us for any requirements through mail or via phone. All you need to do is to send your latest resume, spouse’s resume (if married) and details about children and their age.We have the latest information about the services and updates on selection process of various countries around the world.

We individually assess each and every application and inquiry and try to solve even critical immigration related issues without any problem. Any individual can risk of rejection in some or other field if he or she applies without having proper knowledge of submitting visa applications. At Immigration experts, we try to provide the best possible advice to the aspiring applicants who would like to go abroad and settle there.

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