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Prospective Marriage Visa

‘Marriages are made in heaven’ is something we have all heard quite a lot of time in our lives. However, what if the lord above sent you to a different country and your other half to Australia? This cross border love can be unified by either of the one migrating to the others’ place of residence. However if you wish Australia immigration is a better option as the country has nothing but bright future to offer. With impeccable career opportunity, clean and clear environment and beautiful scenery, this country has attracted a lot of immigrants.

If you’re fiancée is settled in Australia and permanent citizen of the country or is considered as New Zealander settled in Australia, then you can also easily migrate to this mesmerizing country by availing Prospective Marriage Visa which is classified as Visa Subclass 300. This visa is basically used to migrate to Australia in order to marry your would be husband and there after settling down in the same country.

Australia is a nation of OPPORTUNITIES.

Prospective Marriage Visa can only be availed if your fiancée is settled in Australia and you are above 18 years of age. Your de facto spouse can be Australian, a permanent resident of Australia or is an eligible New Zealand citizen. While applying for the visa you should not be present in Australia as well as the time when the visa will be granted, however, your wedding can take place in any country. There are certain criteria that need to fulfilled for this visa to be applicable, which are enumerated below:

There needs to be intention to marry and settle in Australia as husband or wife with your would be spouse.

Known him or her from before and met in person.

You both should be of opposite gender.

All the age, character and health requirements should be met.

Visa Subclass 300 is a temporary visa available only for 9 months during which period it is preferable to stay in Australia and get married as well. However, if you are not married within 9 months, you should meet the below mentioned criteria:

You should apply for the visa from outside Australia and stay in that place till the visa is issued.

You should be sponsored from your prospective spouse who should be of more than 18 years of age.

permanent resident of Australia, Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

You both should be of opposite sex

For permanent residency after getting married you can apply for Partner Visa 100 / 309. The application will be sent further for processing with RMA, which is an authorised agent for DIBP that will be further presented to the specific department. Provided your consent, RMA can get in touch with Australia immigration department on your behalf.


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