How To Migrate To Denmark From India

Denmark is greatly recognized as technologically advanced and one of the scenically beautiful countries under the European Union (EU) that possesses a diverse cultural history. The country though appears to be engrossed with rural beauty but possess all the conveniences of modern developed world. Skilled individuals from India are applying for Denmark immigration as it is offering lucrative salary packages along with other public services.

Danish Government has a number of visa permit schemes with each one having varied eligibility conditions based on reasons to migrate, educational qualification, current occupation and more.

Fast Track Scheme

Denmark Fast Track Scheme is an Immigration Programme designed for certified businesses to hire highly skilled international migrants who belong to countries other than those that are included in European union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. The residence and work permit visa granted through the Fast Track Scheme is issued for a maximum period of 4 years. The scheme includes public and private enterprises, along with academic institutions which primarily includes Universities. 

Pay Limit Scheme

The Pay Limit Scheme allows the eligible applicants to live and work across Denmark. The applicant should necessarily have the job offer from a Danish employer in order to apply for the work and residence visa under the Pay Limit Scheme. Applicants applying for residence and work visa under this scheme are not required to have any specific educational background or professional work experience. 

In addition, in case the applicant has requested for asylum from the Government of Denmark and have been offered a job with lucrative salary package then also they can apply for the visa based on this scheme. Some important conditions that are needed to be met under this scheme are listed here:

  1. The applicant should have the required job offer with an annual salary equivalent to DKK 426,985.06 or more than that (2019 level).
  1. The salary and job contract being offered to the candidate should comply with Danish standards. The applicant would be required to provide a copy of their job offer along with the visa application with a clear description of your working hours, holidays, salary along with other important terms included in the contract. 

Positive List Scheme

The Positive List Scheme enables the applicants that have been offered a job offer from the Positive List proposed by the Denmark Government. The positive list contains list of occupations that have been recognized to have shortage of skilled individuals and therefore are required to hire international skilled workers in order to fill the gap. Therefore, an applicant holding a job offer from the Positive List would be eligible to apply for Immigration to Denmark using the Positive List Scheme. 


Residence Permit 

Students and Researchers who do not belong to a Nordic region or from EU or EEA or Switzerland would require a Danish Residence Permit to conduct research and study in Denmark. The permit can be applied from Danish Immigration Service before landing in Denmark. In order to apply for the residence permit, the applicant would need to give required biometric information to Danish embassy (or consulate) of their home country. 

Special Individual Qualifications

The Special Individual Qualifications is designed for applicants who have been offered a job so closely related to them that only they can fulfil its requirements and therefore on the basis of that they further apply for residence and work permit to carry out the occupation in a specialized field of work. 

Applicants that are working under the occupation fields listed below are recognized to apply under the Special Individual Qualification Scheme:

  1. Performers or artists, such as musicians, singers and conductors.
  2. Professional coaches and athletes
  3. Specialized chefs

Residence and Work Permit in Agriculture

Applicants are granted residence and work permit under the Residence and Work Permit in Agriculture Scheme if they are being employed or possess a valid employment (job) offer that enables them to work on the position of a herdsman or farm manager in Denmark. If an individual gets selected under this scheme, then they would be allowed to work only as a farm manager or as a herdsman during their stay in Denmark. The applicant, for instance, won’t be granted a work permit to perform the roles of a farm worker or horticulture or forestry manager. 

Establishment Card

The Establishment Card is designed for those qualified individuals who have either completed or have been awarded a post-graduate or a PhD degree from a Danish University. The eligible candidates would be required to apply within a period of 6 months after completing your education. In addition, they should possess sufficient funds required to support themselves during their first year of stay in Denmark. 

In case your family is also applying for the required residence permit to stay along with you, then you would be required to provide sufficient documentation describing your ability to support them as well. 

The Government of Denmark would qualify the applicant for holding sufficient funds if they would be having funds corresponding to:

  • DKK 88.356 (2019 level) if the applicant is staying in Denmark without their family
  • DKK 176.712 (2019 level) if the applicant would be accompanied by their spouse to Denmark
  • DKK 262.476 (2019 level) if the applicant would be accompanying their spouse and children 
  • DKK 174.120 (2019 level) if the applicant would be accompanied with any of their children by not spouse

Denmark Start-up Scheme

Start-up Denmark is an important scheme designed for international entrepreneurs to grant them residence permit of Denmark so that they can establish and start an innovative business. The business idea proposed by the applicant would be needed to get approved by an experts’ panel that are appointed by the Danish Business Authority before the New Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) in order to process the application for work and residence permit under this scheme. 

The scheme can be accessed by both individuals as well as by team of at-least 3 people who wish to start a business in Denmark through an integrated business plan.

With Denmark Government proposing various easy and flexible work and resident visa schemes, this is certainly the right time to apply for the Danish Work Visa. 

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