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SINP - Farm Owner and Operator Stream

One of Saskatchewan’s PNP streams is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who want to own and run farms there.

The Farm Owner and Operator stream of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme (SINP) is examined in depth in the following guide. The overview of the stream, its eligibility conditions, its operation, the required documentation, its cost, and processing times are covered in the guide.

Detailed description of the farm owner and operator stream

One of the three Saskatchewan PNP streams devoted to foreign businesspeople looking to invest their money in the territory is the Farm Owner and Operator (FOO) stream.

Candidates who are nominated through the FOO stream can then apply to the Canadian government for permanent residence.

Candidates cannot benefit from Express Entry’s six-month average processing timeframes since this stream is not Express Entry-aligned. Provincial Nominee Programme processing timelines, which are not in line with Express Entry, are often longer and require at least a year.

While a legitimate job offer is not a primary condition for the FOO stream (or its Young Farmer sub-stream), there are additional qualifying requirements that must be met, including those relating to investments and personal net worth, which are covered in more depth below.

Conditions for Eligibility

Young Farmer is a substream of the Farm Owner and Operator stream. There are different eligibility conditions for each, but they are all rather comparable. If you meet all of the qualifications listed below, you may apply:

The stream for farm operators and owners:

For this stream to be available to you, you must:

have established a legal net worth of CAD 500 000.

possess expertise in farming and experience as a seasoned farmer.

Have a sensible, well-thought-out concept for a business opportunity in Saskatchewan farming.

The sub-stream for young farmers:

You must: in order to qualify for this sub-stream.

possess a legally amassed personal net worth of at least 300,000 CAD.

at the time of application, be younger than 40.

possess at least three years’ worth of expertise in either farm ownership, farm management, or actual farming.

Please submit a well-supported proposal for a profitable commercial Saskatchewan agricultural opportunity. An agricultural enterprise in Saskatchewan must generate at least 10,000 CAD in annual revenue.

Possess marketable employment abilities, based on education and experience, that enable you to augment your farming income (or those of your spouse).

You must: Under the stream or the sub-stream:

Spend at least five working days in Saskatchewan conducting a thorough investigation. On your visit, a representative of SINP must meet with you.

A Business Performance Agreement that binds you to acquiring and actively managing a farm in Saskatchewan must be signed later on in the process. A “good faith” deposit in the amount of 75,000 CAD is required. When you have complied with the requirements of the Business Performance Agreement, the cash deposit will be refunded to you. The deposit will be forfeited to Saskatchewan if the conditions are not met within two years of arrival in the province.

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A summary of the application process

The actions required to get permanent residence through the Farm Owner and Operator (FOO) stream are listed below for your convenience:

When the stream is open, the applicant must submit a complete application to the SINP through courier or in person, including all necessary papers and documentation.

An Acceptance of Application and Request for Processing cost letter will be issued to the applicant once the application has been determined to be complete, asking them to pay the 2,500 CAD application processing cost by wire transfer. To determine their net worth and legal accumulation of wealth, the candidate will need to hire a third-party financial service provider (see below for a list of SINP-approved companies).

The candidate will get a Business Performance Agreement and a Nomination Approval and Request for Deposit letter if their application is accepted for nomination. Within three months of receiving the letter, the candidate must transmit a refundable good faith deposit of 75,000 CAD.

The candidate will be given the provincial nomination following the receipt of the money and the duly executed Business Performance Agreement.

Finally, within six months of receiving the nomination, the individual may submit an application to the federal government (IRCC) for permanent residency. Candidates must submit their applications to IRCC in writing together with the nomination materials they received from the SINP.

Fees for applications

For this Farm Owner and Operator stream, there is a 2,500 CAD non-refundable processing charge.

Times for Processing

According to the most recent projections, from January 1 to March 31, 2023, there were not enough Farm Owner and Operator applications completed to determine an accurate processing time.

History of stream openings

Typically, the Farm Owner and Operator stream is always accessible. To find out if the stream is active right now and to stay up to date on all other PNP streams.

Exploratory Visit

Applicants must go to Saskatchewan for an exploratory visit in order to be eligible for the Farm Owners and Operators Sub-Category of the SINP. This trip must be made in advance of submitting an application to the SINP, and it must last at least five business days. The candidate is anticipated to meet with service experts during this trip in order to undertake in-depth study on the farming community and industry in Saskatchewan. Finally, while in Saskatchewan, candidates are expected to speak with a SINP official about their planned agricultural operation.

Business Performance Agreement and Refundable Deposit

A Nomination Approval and Request for Deposit letter, along with a Business Performance Agreement, will be provided to the applicant if the application is accepted for nomination. The candidate must sign the Business Performance Agreement. By doing this, he or she pledges to buy and actively run a farming enterprise in Saskatchewan. Regarding the conditions of the performance agreement, the letter will include instructions on how to submit the necessary refundable $75,000 CAD good faith deposit.

When Not to Apply

Ineligible candidates for this sub-category include those who:

have a significant medical condition (or any dependent family member)

accompanying or not), a criminal record (or any dependent family member over)

the age of 18, accompanying or not), or do not fit one or more of the qualifying requirements mentioned above.

Have ongoing custody or child support cases involving any family members;

knowingly made false statements during the application process; and/or Have

knowingly committed fraud throughout the application process.

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