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Manitoba Entrepreneurs Program

The Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway is one of the two important streams under the Manitoba Business Investor Stream, which in turn comes under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) operated solely by the province of Manitoba. This Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway was previously recognized as the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program – Business or the MPNP -B, which is now permanently closed.

The Manitoba Business Investor Stream’s Entrepreneur Program provides a pathway for the Canadian Permanent Residents and is designed for investors and entrepreneur who intend to purchase or start a business in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway specifically targets business people who are planning to establish their business across Manitoba, either through purchasing, initiating or by becoming partners with an existing business. These potential candidates arrive in Manitoba on a temporary resident visa (or permit) and are recommended to buy, start and collaborate with a business within a period of 24 months of arriving in Canada, as it is necessary to obtain the permanent resident status.

Further, as part of the new changes being introduced in the renewal of the Manitoba Business Investor Stream, all the potential candidates are no longer required to submit $100,000 to the Government of Manitoba to apply for the Manitoba Entrepreneur Program.

The two pathways under the Manitoba Business Investor Stream through which investors and entrepreneurs are being targeted are: Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway and the Farm Investor Pathway.

Manitoba Business Investor Stream: Entrepreneur Pathway

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program or the MPNP has introduced an “Interim Process” as part of the “Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway Soft Launch” which guides the potential candidates to apply for the Business Investor Stream Entrepreneur Pathway through submitting required forms. The Interim Process will remain in place till some prospective changes to the MPNP Online System would be complete. Therefore, once the enhancements in the system would completed, the Interim Process will be removed and then all the future candidates will process their application through the online application system.

Interim Process Overview

The steps described below shows the step-by-step process to apply for the MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway. The first three steps are needed to express your interest in applying for the Entrepreneur Program, the next four steps guide on submitting the required application and also meeting the pre-requisites for nomination.

Step 1: Check your eligibility through self-assessment

In addition to meeting all the necessary eligibility requirements listed in the table below, potential candidates are also required to complete a self-assessment form.

The form will allow the candidates to evaluate their eligibility across four human capital factors (that are, age, education, language proficiency and business experience), the other four investment factors (which includes, business investment, net worth, business research visit to the province and economic priorities) and also one adaptability factor (that will require evaluating the existing connection of main applicant with Manitoba).

Criterion Minimum Requirement
Business Experience  Minimum three years full-time professional or work experience in last five years either by acting as an active business owner or by working in a senior management role under a successful business.Business owners are given more points as compared to that of senior manager. Business owners should have a minimum of 33 1/3% ownership in their business to qualify for the required points.
Official Languages Proficiency  Minimum CLB or NCLC level 5
Education Minimum equivalency with Canadian High School Certificate Program 
Age No minimum or maximum age requirement; however ranking points will be allocated to candidates in the age group of 25 to 49 years of age.
Business Investment  Minimum investment would be $250,000 for businesses located in Manitoba Capital Region.Minimum investment would be $150,000 when business is situated outside the Manitoba Capital Region. Business investment should be made towards an eligible business which is being defined by the MPNP. The proposed business should create or maintain minimum one job for a Canadian Permanent Resident residing in Manitoba (However, this excludes business owners and/or close relatives of business owners)
Business Research Visit A Business Plan is mandatory and is considered as an integral part of the application.  A business research visit enables the applicant to conduct extensive research of their future business proposal or investment. Please note that the business research should be conducted no more than one year before the submission of your EOI.
Adaptability Points will be awarded to you if:Your spouse has achieved CLB or NCLC 5 or higher;  You or your spouse have CLB or NCLC 5 or higher in the Second Official Language; You or your common-law partner or spouse have a close relative who is currently residing in Manitoba for a period of more than one year; Your child is enrolled in a recognized Manitoba educational institution and should be pursuing academics while you will submit the application.  You or your spouse or common-law partner have completed a full-time study program for a minimum period of one-year in a post-secondary institution in Manitoba. You or your spouse or common-law partner can claim this eligibility requirement after you have already turned 17 years old and also have a valid study permit; Or  You or your spouse or common-law partner have completed a minimum of six months of continuous full-time employment in Manitoba. In addition to this, a copy of the work permit and a letter of reference from the employer should be provided. 
New Worth Minimum of $500,000The verification of your personal net worth will be done by a third-party supplier which will be approved by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).  Along with it, a verification report and an application should be submitted towards the MPNP within a period of 120 days after receiving your LAA. 
Business Performance Agreement  After your application will be approved, a Business Performance Agreement or BPA should be signed before the MPNP would issue you a letter of support required for applying for a work permit.

Step 2: Explore Manitoba and research your proposed business concept

Research the business concept proposed by you in Manitoba and explore the related opportunities in the province.

Along with it, an exploratory visit to Manitoba and attending business seminars being offered by the Immigration Programs Branch under the Immigration and Economic Opportunities Division are both recommended.

Complete a Business Concept Form, which would outline business opportunities and necessary research efforts.

Submit your Self-Assessment form and the Business Concept form to the MPNP

Once you have completed an in-depth research of the entire Manitoba market, you can further submit your form via email by sending it to To reiterate, the following forms would be required:

Your Business Concept Form

Your Self-Assessment Form

Code of Conduct for Immigration Representatives (in case you are using a representative).

A response for the above email will be sent to you. However, in case you would not meet the required minimum stream criteria requirements (as elaborated in the table above), then your business concept will not be reviewed by the provincial Government of Manitoba. It is to be noted that the business concept submitted here should not be considered as an application towards the MPNP.

Step 4: Submit your full completed application to the MPNP

If you have received a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) from the MPNP, then you will get an email that will include detailed instructions.

You would be required to read it in detail and follow all the necessary instructions and Documents Checklist.

You must made only electronic submissions (via email) of all the provincial and federal forms.

Physical copies submitted for these forms will not be accepted by the concerned department.

Physical copies or hard copies of other supporting documents would be required to be submitted either by mail or in person.

The verification of your personal net worth will be done by a third-party supplier that would be approved by the MPNP.

All documents demanded in the Instructions and Documents Checklist along with the verification report of your personal net worth should be submitted and also your application fee should be paid within a period of 120 days of getting your LAA so that your application will be considered as complete.

Step 5: Application Assessment

The assessment of your complete application will be done by the MPNP. This may also include an interview.

In case your application is successful to meet all the requirements of the MPNP, then an approval letter will be emailed to you by the MPNP.

You should also sign a Business Performance Agreement before receiving a letter of support for work permit from the MPNP.

Step 6: Operate business in Manitoba

With your work permit in your hand, your will be having the permission to implement your business plan. MPNP Business Immigration Officers under the Immigration Programs Branch could also assist you with the necessary information, feedback as well as guidance.

Step 7: Receive your nomination from the MPNP and apply for the Permanent Residence

When the MPNP has thoroughly verified that you have completed the required terms and conditions of the Business Performance Agreement (BPA) successfully, then the MPNP will send you a certificate of nomination.

Once you will receive the nomination from the province, you can apply for the permanent residence by approaching to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.


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