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Apply now for the upcoming intakes in New Zealand for Indian students in 2023

Discover comprehensive details about the intakes offered in New Zealand, a favoured destination for global learners seeking excellent education and a distinct cultural exposure.

The country presents a wide array of programs and courses at its universities and colleges, ensuring intakes are accessible throughout the year. In the upcoming year, international students can anticipate two primary intakes for their academic pursuits in New Zealand, with varying commencement dates based on the educational institution.

This write-up will provide an overview of the intakes scheduled for 2023 in New Zealand, encompassing application deadlines and other vital information crucial for international students who are considering studying in this country.

2023 intakes in New Zealand

For overseas students in New Zealand in 2023, there are two primary intakes:

Semester One: Depending on the institution, the initial admission for the year begins in February or March 2023. The Autumn intake is another name for this intake.

Second Semester: Depending on the institution, the second intake for the year will begin in July or August 2023. The Spring intake is another name for this intake.

Rolling Intakes: The availability of rolling intakes, sometimes known as flexible intakes, is one of the distinctive characteristics of the New Zealand educational system. Rolling intakes enable students to begin their classes at various times throughout the year as opposed to merely at the start of conventional academic semesters.

Due to this flexibility, students may decide when to start their studies based on their particular needs, such as the processing period for their visas, their personal obligations, or their professional responsibilities. Additionally, it means that students can do their coursework at their own pace, taking breaks as necessary, or even speed up the process by enrolling in multiple units at once.

It's vital to keep in mind that certain programmes may only have one intake each year, therefore it's crucial to confirm the admission dates for your particular programme with the institution.

International students are advised to apply as soon as possible to give the application for their study visa enough time to be processed. The institution and the programme may have different deadlines for each intake. Students must submit their application to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) in order to be considered for a student visa to study in New Zealand. It's crucial to remember that processing times might change based on the amount of applications being processed as well as the country of origin of the student.

Overall, the foreign student intake for New Zealand universities in 2023 consists of two semester-based intakes, Semester One and Semester Two, with start dates that vary depending on the institution. For their particular programme and intake, foreign students should make sure they are aware of the application deadlines and visa processing periods.

Which intake should I choose?

Choosing the intake that is right for you might be a little complicated. When making a choice, take into account elements such as the program's accessibility, your academic performance, entrance exam results, acceptance rates, employment prospects, and degree of programme preparedness.

While the majority of Indian students like the July admission, some programmes are just as good with the February intake. If you don't yet have your score cards, we advise against hurrying and instead applying for the following intake.

Please be aware that not every undergraduate degree will accept your application for Semester 2. You may schedule a free counselling appointment with one of our knowledgeable counsellors to get advice on the various intakes, course options, application submission, and visa requirements so that you can make an educated decision.

Q Do all intakes offer all programs?

No, not all programs are available in every intake. Some programs have only one intake per year, while others may have multiple intakes.

QAre there specific deadlines for each intake's application?

Yes, each intake has its own application deadline. These deadlines can vary depending on the institution and the program.

QCan international students apply for all intakes?

Yes, international students can apply for any intake. However, it's important to confirm with the institution if they accept applications for the particular intake you are interested in.

QAre there any advantages to starting in a specific intake?

Yes, each intake has its unique benefits. For instance, starting in Semester One allows students to enjoy warmer weather and longer daylight hours during the summer months, while starting in Semester Two may provide more opportunities for part-time work during the winter months.

QCan students switch their intake after applying?

Whether students can change their intake depends on the policies of the institution. Some institutions may allow students to defer their admission to a different intake, while others may not permit changes once an offer of admission has been accepted.

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