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Skilled Work Regional Visa 491

16 November 2019 Significant modifications to the qualified migration program were announced by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). Three fresh subclasses of visas will also be implemented when some current subclasses of visas are closed. These fresh visas are called’ New Skilled Regional Visas’ collectively. We will look at one of these visas-which would benefit visa applicants who have either been unable to obtain Subclass 189/190 invites or have families residing in Australia’s regional fields. The visa will be implemented in order to improve the intake of migrants into regional fields.

It is designed that any region excluding major towns such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Perth be designated as a regional region at the beginning of November 16, 2019. In addition, the visa holder would be permitted to reside in any specified regional region and move between regional regions as well. The Regional (Provisional) Visa for Subclass 491 Skilled Work-is a temporary visa and is awarded for 5 years. After three years, visa holders will be eligible for a permanent residence visa. Applicants for this visa must be nominated by a government agency of the Australian state or territory or sponsored by an eligible family member living in a specified regional region and be invited to apply for a visa after submitting an expression of interest (EOI).

10 September 2019 Final day for any state and territory government to nominate and for invitations to be issued for a subclass 489 visa.
15 November 2019 Final day for people who have been invited to apply for a subclass 489 visa to lodge a subclass 489 visa application.
16 November 2019 Applicants can lodge an EOI for the subclass 491 visa.State and territory governments can nominate and issue invitations to subclass 491 visa applicants.
Applicants issued with an invitation can lodged a subclass 491 visa application.

Overall, these modifications in the 491 visa seem to give enhanced possibilities in regional Australia for qualified migrants. In the past, however, assurances of priority processing and a higher number of qualified occupations were only characteristic features of regional migration programs to have been gradually removed.

For fresh visa holders, this greatest negative is a longer wait for permanent residency. If you are eligible for the present subclass 489 visa, you should consider applying now as you will have to wait for an additional year before you are eligible for permanent residency. Unless you’re waiting to become qualified for your nominated job or want to settle.


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