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The selection to the subclass 189 is dependent on point score, skills, as well as experience that allow an applicant to apply for visa 189. Though, to be entitled to apply for this visa you will first of all have to select a profession from MLTSSL (Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill List). In case the occupation chosen by you is not found on the demand list, then under such a circumstance, you may pick an occupation which is very much linked to your profession. Furthermore, you likewise need to submit Australia EOI through Skills select for approval of your visa. You may apply for EOI while living in or outside Australia. In case government of Australia observes your profile to be appropriate enough for their economy, they will provide you with an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Australia Permanent Residency.

Australia Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

The visa subclass 189 is a permanent General Skilled Migration visa which needs no sponsorship from a State/Territory Government or even a relative in Australia.

Visa 189 is a permanent residency visa that provides you as well as your associated family members a total right to live plus work anywhere in Australia for undefined period of time.





Cost Details

Validity & Processing Time

Visa Qualification Criteria

The subclass 189 visa operates under a points-based system, necessitating the fulfilment of specific prerequisites to satisfy the eligibility benchmarks. In addition to receiving an invitation to apply and surpassing the skill threshold, there exist several conditions related to age, language proficiency, health, and character that must be fulfilled:

Receipt of Invitation: You must secure an official invitation to initiate the application process.

Skills Assessment: Undergo an appropriate evaluation of your skills to validate their relevance.

Age Requirement: You should be below 45 years of age at the time of receiving the invitation.

Points Achievement: Attain a minimum of 65 points or more based on the designated criteria.

English Proficiency: Demonstrate a proficient command of the English language.

Skills Fulfilment:Satisfy the stipulated skills prerequisites for the chosen visa category.

Health Criteria: Meet the specified health standards as outlined by the immigration regulations.

Character Evaluation: Fulfil the character assessment criteria as stipulated by the authorities.

Absence of Government Debt: Ensure the absence of any pending government-related debts.

Australian Values Pledge: Commit to signing the statement endorsing Australian values.

Clean Visa Record: Do not have a history of visa cancellations or rejected applications.

Permanent Residency: Stay in Australia indefinitely as a permanent resident.

Work and Study: Engage in work and study activities within Australia.

Medicare Access: Enroll in the Medicare public health care system for accessible health services.

Sponsor Relatives: Once granted, you can sponsor relatives to join you in Australia.

Citizenship Pathway: If you meet eligibility criteria, you can apply for Australian citizenship.

Travel Privileges: Travel to and from Australia for a duration of 5 years.

Resident Return Visa: Obtain a Resident Return visa (subclass 155 or 157) to re-enter Australia after the initial 5 years.

Essential Documents for Subclass 189 Visa Application

When applying for the Subclass 189 visa, the proper documentation is crucial to the process. Our comprehensive checklist outlines the necessary documents to ensure a successful application:

Completed Subclass 189 visa application form

Two recent passport-sized photos with a white background

Valid proof of identification

Scores from an English language proficiency test

Certified copies of educational qualifications

Official skill assessment report

Documentation substantiating your skills

Endorsement letter from your current and previous employer(s)

Police clearance certificate affirming your character

Medical examination certification

Evidence of meeting the Australian study requirement, along with relevant study documents (if applicable)

Partner's proof of English language proficiency

Verification of relationship status

Any additional documents requested during the application process

Step 1: Assessment and Points Check

Begin your journey by assessing your eligibility. We'll evaluate whether your occupation is listed among the skilled categories and whether you meet the benchmark of 65+ points.

Step 2: Lodging Expression of Interest

Once your eligibility is confirmed, our dedicated migration agents will proceed to lodge your Expression of Interest (EOI) with the relevant Department.

Step 3: Invitation to Apply

Upon lodging your EOI, we patiently await an invitation from the Department to apply for your desired visa.

Step 4: Visa Application and Expert Liaison

Upon receiving the invitation, our team of experts will initiate the visa application process. We maintain close communication with the Department throughout this phase, ensuring a smooth process until a decision is reached.

Step 5: Visa Approval and Relocation

Congratulations! After the Department's approval, you and your family are ready to embark on your journey to Australia. The dream of migration becomes a reality.

The present fee for a subclass 189 visa is currently set at AUD$4,045. This amount covers the primary applicant exclusively, while supplementary charges are necessary for each family member enlisted in the application. The Home Affairs website offers a Visa Pricing Estimator that can assist in calculating potential expenses. For family members aged 18 and above, the existing charge is AUD$2,020, whereas for individuals under 18, the cost stands at AUD$1,015.

Furthermore, an additional fee might be imposed on applicants aged 18 or above with English language proficiency below the functional level. This supplementary fee is collected in a subsequent installment and is only applicable upon visa approval. The secondary installment fee for all family members aged 18 and above totals AUD$4,885. In conjunction with these established expenses, supplementary costs may be incorporated to cover health assessments, police clearances, and biometric procedures.

With a granted 189 visa, you can sponsor relatives, travel hassle-free for 5 years, and even pursue Australian citizenship. Eligibility requirements apply. Keep in mind, there might be a wait for certain Australian Government benefits as a newly arrived resident.

Applying for the Skilled Independent visa is possible whether you're in Australia or not. Processing times vary based on individual circumstances, evaluated case by case. Timeliness depends on application completeness, supporting documents, potential requests for more info, and necessary checks.

External agencies might need time for health, character, or national security information. Also, available migration program spaces affect processing time. Remember, when applying for the 189 visa, stay informed about processing times and potential delays. Your Australian journey begins here!

Overview of PR Process To Apply:

1. Check: Your current occupation should be listed in the skilled occupation list, have at least 65 points, should also adhere to other eligibility requirements

2. Submit: Submit an expression of interest or EOI via SkillSelect

3. Wait: Wait to receive an invitation to apply for the visa

4. Gather: Gather all the required documents

5. Apply: Apply for the visa within a period of 60 days of receiving the invitation

Overview of PR Process To Apply:

1. Completed Skills Assessment

You should have a completed skills assessment done at the time an invitation of apply be sent to you. The assessment is undertaken by an assessing authority mentioned against the occupation listed in the eligible skilled occupation list.

For your profile to be eligible for visa, the skill assessment must be obtained within 3 years before receiving an invitation to apply. If your skill assessment has been done on the basis of the qualification received in Australia while holding a students’ visa, then that particular qualification should be gained from studying the course already registered on CRICOS.

2. Submit An EOI

After your application gets a positive appraisal from the concerned organization, then you are required to submit the EOI via SkillSelect. The EOI can either be submitted while residing in Australia or can also be done from outside the country.

An email will be sent confirming the submission of the EOI.

It should be noted that, EOI is not equivalent to a visa application.

3. Receive an invitation to apply for the visa

TOnce you will receive an invitation to apply (ITA), then you can continue further for the DIBP stage. This step is important for submitting last and complete application that would be approved by DIBP so that the 189 visa can be granted.

During this step, you can apply for priority processing, which enables the concerned officers to consider the application independent of the time at which the application has been submitted.

Receiving this visa, you are provided with five-year multiple entry visa to live and work across Australia. This implies that you only need to stay in the country for a minimum period of 2 years out of 5 years in order to get the visa re-issued for subsequent 5 years. However, if you are staying in the country for a continuous period of 4 years, then this will make you qualified to apply for Australian citizenship.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for this Visa

1. Should have an invitation to apply

You can apply for this visa only if an invitation to apply will be sent to you. Before you apply, an expression of interest (EOI) is required to be submitted, which would allow you to be ranked against other applicants in the pool. The invitation to apply is issued on a regular basis through SkillSelect.

2. Complete a suitable skills assessment

You should have suitable skills assessment done while applying for the visa. The skill assessment must be conducted within 3 years before the date of receiving an invitation to apply. Further, if the skills were assessed based on the qualification received in Australia while holding a students’ visa, then the qualification should be received from studying a course recognized on CRICOS.

3. Age

Your age must be under 45 on the date when an invitation to apply will be sent to you. However, you can also apply for this visa if you turn 45 after an invitation to apply be sent across to you. However, if you turn 45 before an invitation to apply be sent to you, then an invitation to apply will not be sent to you.

4. Score 65 points or above

Since it is a points-tested visa, after submitting your EOI via SkillSelect, an indicative points score would be given to you based on the claims made in EOI. When you will receive an invitation to apply, it would state the total number of points that you must obtain when your application would be assessed to grant the visa. This score however, can be higher than 65 points, depending on the claims made in the EOI.

5. English Proficiency

You should have competent level of English when you will receive an invitation to apply.

6. Meet skilled occupation requirement

It is important for your nominating occupation to be listed on the eligible skilled occupation list, which is Medium and Long-term Skills Strategic List (MLTSSL) of Australia for this particular visa type. In case, the specific occupation is not listed in the MLTSSL, then it is required to select a closely related occupation. Further, it is required to have a minimum three years work experience in your nominating occupation.

7. Meet suitable health requirement

You and your family members who are applying for this visa must meet all relevant health requirements. If needed, family members who are not accompanying the main applicant to might also require to meet the health requirement.

8. Meet character requirement

You along with the family members aged 16 years and above who are applying for this visa should meet the character requirement of the Australian government. In addition, those family members who aren’t accompanying the main applicant to Australia also required to meet the character requirements.

9. Pay back the debt to the Australian Government

If you or any of your family members own any outstanding debt to the Australian Government, then it should be paid back or arranged to be paid back.

10. Get the Australian vales statement signed

If your age is 18 years or above, the you must:

Abide with the explanations given in Life in Australia booklet

Confirm that you will obey the Australian laws and respect the Australian way of living, by signing the Australian Values Statement. Benefits of Subclass 189

Benefits of Subclass 189

The Australia visa subclass 189 offers advantages of Australian permanent residence for you and your family. You get to:

  • Work and live in Australia permanently

  • Chance to study in Australia

  • Enrol in Medicare, Australia’s nationalized healthcare program

  • Chance to apply for Australian citizenship

  • Sponsor relatives for permanent residence

  • Travel all through and out of Australia as you please


Benefits of Subclass 189

Fees for Subclass 189 visa

Fees for Subclass 189 visa

Benefits of Subclass 189

The Australia visa subclass 189 offers advantages of Australian permanent residence for you and your family. You get to:

  • Work and live in Australia permanently

  • Chance to study in Australia

  • Enrol in Medicare, Australia’s nationalized healthcare program

  • Chance to apply for Australian citizenship

  • Sponsor relatives for permanent residence

  • Travel all through and out of Australia as you please

Fees for Subclass 189 visa

The visa cost changes every now and then. The expense of your visa relies on the received date of your application. In the event that there is any cost increment between the date you lodge your application and the date your application is, you should pay the new application charge.

  • Independent Subclass 189 visa primary applicant – AUD $ 4,115

  • Dependent applicant fee for 18 and above – AUD $ 2,055

  • Dependent applicant fee for 18 and below – AUD $ 1,030

Additional fees:

Medical Examination:This expenses would be paid legitimately to the concerned specialist doing medical examination

Police check: this fee for 189 visa subclass would be paid to the corresponding authorities in the particular nations where you have lived more than 6/a year

Fees for Subclass 189 visa

The actual processing time for the application could vary since applications are generally assessed on a case-by-case basis. In addition to this, the following individual circumstances could impact the application processing time. This includes:

  • whether all documents and a completed application has been lodged

  • response time towards request made for an additional information

  • time taken to perform required checks on the supporting information provided

  • time taken to receive additional information asked across external agencies, such as those related to health, character and national security documents.

  • to check the number of places available in the entire migration program, particularly for permanent migration visa applications.

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