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ACT Occupation list

ACT Occupation list Immigration Consultant Services In Noida & Delhi/NCR

Immigration to Australia in Vogue. A colossal amount of people rush to Australia every year in search of new opportunities to make their lives better. Australia offers its citizens and permanent residents with one of the best lifestyles in the world. The economy is strong and stable and the place hardly witnesses any cataclysm making it a safe and secure paradise for your family.

Every year a state occupation list is declared by the Government of Australia. Candidates can apply for immigration through the occupations that have an opening. The status of occupation depends on the availability of skilled workers for that particular occupation in Australia and some other factors.

132111Corporate Services ManagerOpen
134212Nursing Clinical DirectorOpen
134213Primary Health Organisation ManagerOpen
134214Welfare Centre ManagerOpen
212412Newspaper or Periodical EditorOpen
212413Print JournalistOpen
212415Technical WriterOpen
212416Television JournalistOpen
212419Journalist & other writers (nec)Open
225311Public Relations ProfessionalOpen
232112Landscape ArchitectOpen
232411Graphic DesignerOpen
232414Web DesignerOpen
233211Civil EngineerOpen
233212Geotechnical EngineerOpen
233213Quantity SurveyorOpen
233214Structural EngineerOpen
233215Transport EngineerOpen
233311Electrical EngineerOpen
233411Electronics EngineerOpen
233511Industrial EngineerOpen
233512Mechanical EngineerOpen
241111Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School)Open
251211Medical Diagnostic RadiographerOpen
251212Medical Radiation TherapistOpen
251213Nuclear Medicine TechnologistOpen
251513Retail PharmacistOpen
252411Occupational TherapistOpen
252712Speech PathologistOpen
253111General PractitionerOpen
253112Resident Medical OfficerOpen
254311Nurse ManagerOpen
254411Nurse PractitionerOpen
254412Registered Nurse (Aged Care)Open
254413Registered Nurse (Child & Family Health)Open
254414Registered Nurse (Community Health)Open
254415Registered Nurse (Critical Care)Open
254416Registered Nurse (Developmental)Open
254417Registered Nurse (Disability)Open
254418Registered Nurse (Medical)Open
254421Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)Open
254422Registered Nurse (Mental Health)Open
254423Registered Nurse (Perioperative)Open
254424Registered Nurse (Surgical)Open
254425Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)Open
254499Registered Nurses (nec)Open
272111Careers CounsellorOpen
272112Drug & Alcohol CounsellorOpen
272113Family & Marriage CounsellorOpen
272114Rehabilitation CounsellorOpen
272115Student CounsellorOpen
272199Counsellors (nec)Open
272311Clinical PsychologistOpen
272312Educational PsychologistOpen
272313Organisational PsychologistOpen
272399Psychologists (nec)Open
272499Social Professionals (nec)Open
272511Social WorkerOpen
272612Recreation OfficerOpen
272613Welfare WorkerOpen
321211Motor Mechanic (General)Open
321212Diesel Motor MechanicOpen
312113Motorcycle MechanicOpen
321214Small Engine MechanicOpen

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