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Express Entry Program

Express Entry program was launched in 2015, and since then its tremendous success has made it worthy of acclaims. Before the advent of this immigration program, it was very difficult to apply for a Canada PR visa. The Canada permanent resident visa process often created mass confusion, thus leaving applicants frustrated due to loss of both time and money.

Since the arrival of the Express Entry program, it has become fairly easy to apply for Canada pr visa. Now the economic route for Canada PR process is streamlined which results in less confusion and faster processing of applications.

Ageing population’ is a notoriously difficult problem to deal with, especially for a country like Canada. Due to a low birth rate, number of old people in Canada are growing at a disproportionate rate, as compared to young people. This is creating a gap which is increasing the financial burden on the Government.

Immigration Creates Winners and Losers

Ever since the US has adopted strict immigration policies, companies have started hiring in Canada. According to a new Envoy Global Survey, 80 percent of Employers expected that the number of foreign employees in their company will stay the same or grow in 2020. Out of all the employers surveyed, 63 percent are increasing their presence in Canada. To do so, they are either transferring their workers to Canada or directly hiring foreign nationals in Canada.

It can be inferred from this survey that employers won’t stop innovating, and as a result would hire foreign nationals in other countries. As more people apply for Canada PR visa, the likelihood of retaining such economic benefits will increase.

Canada PR Express Entry

As mentioned above, Express Entry program has greatly minimized confusion, decreased processing time and facilitated immigration. In the 2018 annual report to Parliament on immigration, it is noted that Canada took in 65,417 new permanent residents via the Express Entry Program in 2017. Further, 12,531 immigrants were admitted though Express Entry PNP (Provincial Nominee Programs.)

In the first quarter of 2019, Canada issued 21,200 invitation to apply to eligible candidates. This is an increase of 3,700 from the first quarter of 2018. Among the first quarter of the previous 4 years, this quarter witnessed the highest number of ITAs issued. Further, for the past 6 draws the average CRS score is 448.83.

After redefining immigration, this program can redefine your life. So take in a dive to learn more about the process, processing time, requirements and eligibility criteria.

Canada PR Process

STEP 1 - Eligibility Check

Find out the eligibility criteria for Express Entry and the other programs associated with it.

STEP 2 - Gathering Documents

Gather the Required Documents to corroborate your information and identity

STEP 3 - Submit Express Entry Profile

Create and Submit a Express Entry Profile.

STEP 4 - Receive an ITA

Once all applications are processed, if you receive more than the required CRS score, then you will receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply)

STEP 5 - Apply for PR

Apply for permanent residency within 60 days of receiving the ITA

Required Documents for Express Entry

Before initiating the Canada permanent resident visa process, make sure to gather all the required documents. Express Entry requirements in 2020 don’t enforce the requirement of documents from most profiles. Still, some documents may be required for verification purposes.

Supporting Documents for Primary Applicant.

Passports/Travel Documents (Multiple) (required)

Marriage License/Certificate (required)

Proof of medical exam (required)

Education (diplomas/degrees) (required)

Employment Records 1 (required)

Employment Records 2 (required)

Employment Records 3 (required)

Police Certificates (Multiple) (required)

Proof of Means of Financial Support (required)

Digital photo (required)

Letter of Explanation (optional)

Supporting Documents for Spouse

Passports/Travel Documents (Multiple) (required)

Proof of medical exam (required)

Education (diplomas/degrees) (required)file

Police Certificates (Multiple) (required) instructions Upload file

Digital photo (required) instructions Upload file

You will not be given the results of the tests, the clinic will upload it directly to CIC. You will be given an Acknowledgement Form which you need to upload as proof of medical exam. Please ensure all the information on the Acknowledgment Form is correct as per passport and that the category on your medicals is mentioned as Non-EDE/Worker. If you find any discrepancy, get it corrected then and there itself and get an updated Acknowledgement Form.

Digital Photo - The final frame size of the photo should be at least 35mm x 45mm. The photograph must show a full front view of the head and tops of shoulders. The size of the head, from chin to crown, must be between 31mm and 36mm. The physical dimensions in pixels must be at least 420 x 540. The final size of the image should not be less than 60KB. The file should be submitted in JPEG format.

Reference Letter - For previous employers, the letter obtained after you have left is good enough, unless and until you want to get a fresh letter or want to get the letter updated. For current employer as a rule of the thumb, get a fresh letter if the previous one which you got is older than 6 months.

ECA, IELTS - There is no separate placeholder for IELTS and WES. So you can upload IELTS and WES along with educational documents.

Proof of Funds (POF) - Get latest and updated POF. Ensure you cover as much as information requested by CIC in the Bank Letter/Bank Certificate.

Letter of Explanation(LOE) - Though this is an optional document, please use it to your advantage to explain anything you feel the officer should know or consider while assessing your application.

Canada PR Express Entry Provincial Nomination

Provincial nominations provide 600 additional points, which you may know is much more than the usual cutoff. Therefore, nomination from a province will ensure that you clear the CRS threshold.

There are many provincial immigration streams, however applying via express entry is the easiest. The primary reason behind this is that once you’ve submitted your profile in the express entry pool, provinces will be able to view and assess it. As a result, they will be able to identify the candidates they want to nominate. For instance, if they like your profile and deem you eligible, then they’ll provide you an EOI (Expression of Interest.) You can either accept or reject this EOI. However, if you choose to accept, you will have to live and work in the province that provided you the nomination.

Canada PR Express Entry Processing Time 2020

The IRCC usually processes an application within 6 months from the date it was submitted in the express entry pool. Once you submit the profile, it will be included in all subsequent draws and is valid for 12 months. After this you can submit your profile again.

You will receive an ITA, only if you receive a score that is more than the CRS cut-off for at least one subsequent draw till your profile is valid.

The Future: Canada PR Express Entry

For Canada PR express entry, new targets were set for the period 2019-2021. This ambitious targets aims to take in more than a million immigrants over the three years. According to the 2019 immigration report, “Under this plan, Canada will welcome more talented workers with the skills and expertise our economy needs, reunite more family members and accommodate more refugees looking to start new lives.”


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