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How to Increase Chances to Get Australian PR

Australia is one of the most prominent immigration destinations among global migrants. It is largely being perceived as homeland of humanity, justice and equality. In a recent announcement made by the Australian Government, the country has proposed to invite more than 1 million individuals on Skilled Immigrant Visa by the end of 2021.
This Permanent Resident (PR) Visa issued by the Australian Government to skilled and talented international workers is totally based on a points system.

Points or Score across each of the factors, across which more points are awarded to a potential candidate on the Australian Point System are closely been inspected and some of those factors or components have been recognized using which the more points can be gained. This in allows the candidate to increase their chances to get an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) visa.

Although an applicant can score points on a range of factors such as age, education qualification, work experience, English language proficiency along with other factors which makes them eligible towards Australian Immigration. However, in addition to these factors, an applicant can score more points if he/she could focus on the criteria described below, which is completely based on the current Points Test System of the General Skilled Migration Scheme for Australian under Subclass 189 and 190 visas.

By following the steps described alongside each of the factors described below, the total number of points on the Australian Points System can be increased. These are:

Spouse Skill Assessment: If your spouse or partner, aged 45 years or less also undergoes skills assessment and an additional 5 points will be awarded towards your overall score – provided they have competent level of English proficiency (overall 6 in IELTS and 59 in PTE) and are skilled in an in-demand occupation.

IELTS and PTE:Achieving high scores in an English language proficiency test is one of the best ways to increase your chances to get an Australian Permanent Residence. You will need to achieve an IELTS band score equivalent to 8 across all components and PTE band score equivalent to 79 across all components as this will give you an additional 20 points, which is same as having a doctorate degree.

Move to a regional area:Getting an invitation to apply (ITA) from an Australian state will reward you with extra 5 points on your profile (if applying under visa Subclass 189). However, if you get selected in a regional area, which are categorized opposite to a metropolitan or are low populace area then you will be awarded with additional 15 points (if applying under visa Subclass 491).

Work Experience:Employed in an occupation which is in coherence with your academic qualification will ensure deduction of any extra points and will therefore increase your overall chances to get an Australian permanent residence.

Gain meaningful employment: The more years of employment experience that you have under an occupation which you have nominated using the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), the greater number of points you gain towards your Australian permanent resident application. Therefore, you are being suggested to gain some extra and meaningful job experience in order to gain extra points on your total employment experience.

Please note that one year of full-time work experience across Australia can grant you a total of five additional points. In addition to this, previous employment, gained overseas can also help you earn additional points.

Australian Exposure:You can increase your total score by enrolling in a university or college in Australia and by fulfilling all the relevant Australian Study Requirement or a Specialist Education Qualification. In addition to this, if you have completed your studies from a university or college located in Regional Australia then you will be awarded with extra points in your profile.

Language Accreditation: Gaining accreditation in a community language of Australia can assure you an extra 5 points towards your Australian Permanent Resident (PR) visa.

Enroll in a Professional Year Program:Professional Year Program enables you to gain the required practical job skills which in turn increases your career prospects. Completion of this particular program can provide the graduates with extra 5 points if working in an eligible skilled occupation, as clarified by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Nomination/Sponsorship:Applicants receiving nomination from a state or territory government or those who are being sponsored by a relative or family member that are already residing in the regional part of Australia are awarded with extra 15 points under Subclass 190 and 491 visas.

Even after taking into consideration all the above factors, you are still short of 5 points towards submitting an application, then we have some great news for you.

You always have the choice to appear for NAATI CCL Test and claim 5 additional points towards your permanent resident visa of Australia.NAATI introduced CCL Test back in January 2018 and it usually conducts CCL test around six times in a years across seven major cities in Australia.

CCL or the Credential Community Language could be described as an interpretation test which requires a potential candidate of Australian PR to interpret their conversation as they communicate from English to LOTE (Language Other Than English) and also vice versa. On qualifying this particular test, you can earn an additional 5 points and therefore can increase your migration points and total points required to get a Permanent Resident Visa for Australia.

To realize your dream of starting a new professional and personal life in Australia, the credibility of your Australian PR application can be increased further by getting assistance from a MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) certified immigration consultant.


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