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Canada Tourist Visa

Canada has always been one country listed in the bucket list for countries to visit of almost every individual. It’s cool as cucumber weather, scenic beauty, snowfall and of course the biggest attraction – Niagara Falls has always attracted tourists from all over the world. Considering the physical man made attractions combined aesthetically with natural beauties the country receives hordes of tourist visa applications. Many of them get accepted, however, some receive rejection due to some ineligibility within the application. To ensure that you apply for the visa with all the right details we have done the homework for you and illustrated all the required information below.

Foreign applicants having visa exempt will require ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization)in order to fly or go through Canada. Individuals with a legal and active Canadian Visa as well as US citizens are the only exceptions for this new mode of entry. ETA cannot be applied by certain individuals who are basically Canadian citizens having permanent residence or dual citizenship.

Canada is a nation of DREAMS.

Considering that this change was brought in just now, there is a leniency period ending 9th November for travelers to reach Canada or go through the country without ETA application in hand. For more information on this application click on the following link – questions about applying for an eTA

It is a good habit to apply for ETA as soon as possible. Although most applicants get their ETA approved within few minutes, however, as times it might take some time so it better to be prepared much in advance. Requirement and approval of ETA depends on the situation or on the residential status of the travelling individuals.

Basic Requirements for Eligibility of Tourist Visa

In order to visit Canada as a tourists following requirements need to be met:

Traveler needs to have travel document like valid and active passport.

Medically stable and good health.

Should be convict free from any immigration related matter and also should not be tied in any criminal offence.

Immigration officer should be convinced that the traveler will go back to his home country for any of the reasons like family, job, financial ../assets, home etc.

It is imperative for the immigration officer to be convinced of the fact that the traveler will leave Canada once the visa expires or the visit period comes to an end.

Have adequate sum of amount for the journey and stay. The amount of money needed will vary as it all depends on the number of days for the visit, accommodation for the stay.

Extra requirements for the Tourist Visa are:

Full-fledged medical exam conducted and result received.

Letter of Invitation from anyone staying in Canada.

Entry Documents Required for Canada Immigration

A valid entry document is required apart from the basic requirements needed to be met:

ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

Since 15th March 2016, another entry document was introduced called ETA which is required along with passport from few selected countries – eTA-required countries in order to enter in to Canada either for visiting the country or to pass through it. As the order is new a leniency period till November 9th 2016 is accorded to travelers.

This authorization is valid only for 5 years or till the passport expires, whichever comes first. It is securely linked to the travelers’ passport. It is not expensive charged only at $7 Canadian Dollar and is processed online requiring only few minutes of the applicant.

Visitor visa

Individuals opting to travel to Canada or pass through from visa-required countries and territories will require a document called Visitor visa which is also considered to be the temporary resident visa for Canada. It is an official document of Canada which is attached to the passport of the traveler that accords permission to step into Canada.

Conditions Required to be met with Visa

Traveler can garner either multiple entry visa or single entry visa both of which are accorded for specific time period and becomes unusable after their expiration. Under multiple entry visa, the travelers can visit Canada off and on for period specified on the document which generally stretches to 6 months. They do not need to apply again for this document for every time they wish to enter Canada. The document comes with the validity of 10 years or a month before the expiration of the passport.

On the other hand, single entry visa holders are allowed to enter only once in Canada. Excluding trips to the US, St. Pierre and Miquelon, once the traveler leaves the country he or she will be required to apply for new visa in order to enter back into Canada.

The visa can be applied for either online or by filling in the application on paper and then submitting it to VAC (Visa Application Centre). In case the traveler is applying for the visa on paper, it is recommended to submit the application with a staff member of VAC personally as the staff member can go through the application and ensure all the details are filled in correctly with correct amount of money as well.

Imperative Travel Documents for Tourist Visa

The traveler will need to carry proper documents in order to travel either to or through Canada for himself / herself and any other accompanying individual like a child.

Companies providing reliable transportation to Canada like airlines ensure that the traveler is carrying all the required documents which are valid as well as active. In case the traveler is not carrying the said documents he or she can be delayed to board or not allowed to board the flight at all. There are certain documents which are not considered authentic and are not entertained by the authorities. These documents cannot accord traveler with entry into Canada and are illustrated below for the information:

Somalia issued passports are not accepted.

Passports issued by Czech Republic which are not readable by the machines.

Passports issued by the Republic of South Africa on temporary basis.

Venezuela issued provisional passports.

Non-Eligibility to Enter Canada

Some travelers are not allowed to enter into Canada which makes them inadmissible. Several reasons and criteria result an individual to become inadmissible like full or partial involvement in organized crime, human right violations or criminal activity.There are non-threatening reasons as well that make a person unable to enter into Canada like financial and health reasons.

Application Processing under Tourist Visa

Once the application for the visa has been sent to appropriate authority, the visa office will further go through the application in order to make sure that all the required documents are duly attached and the form is completed properly. In case the form is found to be incomplete or some document is not authenticated for properly, then the application will be returned back and rejected.

In the scenario wherein the form is complete and properly attached with required documents visa office will ask the applicant for further process as mentioned below:

Medical Exam:At times travelers are asked to provide proper medical exam results to gain entry into Canada for which proper set of instruction will be forwarded by the Visa center. In case of Medical exam, it is quite possible of delay in garnering the required visa as the applicant will first need to set appointments with required doctors, go for those appointments and then further more time will be taken by the doctors to send in the required results to IRCC.

Verification by Police and Subsequent Certificate:The applicant can be asked to get police verification done and get a Police certificate for himself and any other family member, under or above the age of 18 years, who will be accompanying him or her to Canada. If this certificate is required, it will be intimated from the visa office itself.

Interview Conducted:At times the visa officer might contact the applicant for an interview if he deems it necessary. Although most of the time visa decisions are reached upon without conducting any sort of interviews.

Returned Documents:Once the whole process of assessing the documents and application has been completed the original documents of the applicant will be returned to them. However, the original bank statements are not returned.

Application Approved:If the application is approved then the visa will get stamped inside the passport of applicant.

Application Refused:In the scenario wherein the application is refused, the applicant will be notified for same with the reason for refusal.

Once the Visa has been Delivered

Once the application process is complete, approved by the visa official and has been accorded with the visitor visa, even then it is not complete guarantee that the visa holder will garner entry into Canada. An officer for border services might not allow entry into the country for any following reason

The case presented by the applicant has been changed.

Some new detail has come out about the visa holder. For example it has been found out that the visa holder has provided some unreliable and false information in the visa application.


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