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Visitor Visa

You always have the option to come and explore New Zealand as a visitor. However, during your stay, you require to have considerable amount of money so that you would be able to support yourself as well as all others who are listed in your application. The visitor’s visa would enable you to enjoy the New Zealand’s green landscape, culture and people.


Total length of stay:Maximum 9 months

Benefits of Visitor’s Visa:

This visa allows you to

Visit family and friends, explore and enjoy various adventure activities and amateur sports in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand for a period of 3 months

Include your partner as well as your dependent children aged 19 or younger in your visa application

Important things to note:

You need to check if it is needed for you to apply for the Visitor Visa. This is because some individuals from some of the selected visa waiver countries are allowed to travel to New Zealand without requiring this Visitor visa. However, in that case it would instead be important to hold an NZeTA or the New Zealand Electronic travel Authority.

Check here if you require a Visitor Visa or an NZeTA

If you are coming to New Zealand on a holiday, the you are required to either get a Visitor visa or a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA). However, if you are Australian Citizen, you won’t require either of them.

Who all need a visitor visa

It is mandated for you to apply for a visitor visa before arriving in New Zealand. Further, you apply for this visa when, you:

do not hold citizenship from a visa-waiver country

want to visit New Zealand for a duration of more than 3 months or an extended period of 6 months if you are from United Kingdom (UK)

have any criminal history

have health issues that could pose danger to the residents of New Zealand or could increase the expenses of New Zealand’s health services

Process and Fees for the Visitor’s visa

The table below summarizes the information about the process, processing time and costs involved while applying for New Zealand visitor visa. This will help you plan appropriately and you will be having an optimal chance of submitting a completed application in the given timeframe.

The details are described with respect to the option of applying via an Online Form.

Immigration Costs Receiving center fees ITimeframes
Application Cost – NZD 246

This is the fee asked by the Immigration New Zealand to process your application.

An immigration levy will be charged and is included in the mentioned cost.

Each person will be required to pay an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) of NZD 35. This is also included in the cost.
Passport Fee – INR 722/application

After you apply for visitor visa via online mode, it will be required for you to send your passport. The passport fee is demanded for the Visa Application Centre (VAC) in order to receive and handle your passport appropriately.
Processing Time – within 26 days

90 percent of the applications are completed within this timeframe. The timeframe is mentioned with respect to the calendar days.
Who all need a NZeTA

If you are visiting New Zealand, then it would be necessary for you to apply for NZeTA in case you belong to a visa-waiver country or any territory, or you are an Australian permanent resident .

Visa waiver countries and territories

All those passport holders who intend to visit New Zealand and belong to certain countries and territories, although are not required to apply for the visa before they would travel to NZ but they must possess an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

List of visa waiver countries and territories

The visa waiver countries and territories are listed as follows:

Andorra Macau – only if you require a Macau special Administrative Region Passport
Argentina Malaysia
Austria Malta
Bahrain Mauritius
Brazil Mexico
Brunei Monaco
Bulgaria Netherlands
Canada Norway
Chile Oman
Croatia Poland
Cyprus Portugal – if you hold the right to live permanently in Portugal
Czech Republic Qatar
Denmark Romania
Estonia – citizens only San Marino
Finland Saudi Arabia
France  Seychelles
Germany Singapore

Hong Kong – residents with HKSAR or

British National – Overseas passports only

Slovak Republic
Hungary Spain
Iceland Sweden
Ireland Switzerland
Israel Taiwan – if you are a permanent resident of Taiwan
Italy United Arab Emirates
Japan United Kingdom – if you hold the right to stay in the United Kingdom on a permanent basis
Korea – South United States of America – This includes USA nationals 
Kuwait Uruguay
Latvia – citizens only Vatican City
Lithuania – citizens only 

New Zealand Immigration

More information about NZeTA


Total length of stay:The visa would be valid for multiple visits and that for a maximum period of 2 years

Benefits of Visitor’s Visa:

This visa allows you to

Travel to New Zealand without applying for a Visitor’s visa. This condition however would be only applicable when you belong from a visa waiver country, a passenger of a cruise ship or already a permanent resident of Australia

Passing through the Auckland International Airport and are a transit passenger while on your way to and from Australia

Passing through the Auckland International Airport on your way to some other country, when you are a transit passenger. This condition is further applicable if you belong from a visa waiver or from a transit waiver country.

Get someone’s help to assist you with your request to receive NZeTA. In that case you are required to inform them about your criminal history and also if you seeking any kind of medical treatment when visiting New Zealand

Important things to note:

If you belong to from a visitor’s visa waiver country, the it is necessary for you to get NZeTA before you travel to New Zealand

It takes from 72 hours to 10 minutes for this visa to process

Request to grant NZeTA can cost NZD $9 using the free mobile application, or NZD $12 if the application is being completed online

It would be mandated for you to pay an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy or IVL immediately during the time of NZeTA. This would cost you around ND $35.

Once you have made a request for NZeTA, the you can easily track its status

Visiting New Zealand

If you are visiting New Zealand for a brief period of time, then you are required to request an NZeTA before you arrive in New Zealand. This is needed to be done if you:

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