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Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

A Preferred Route for Canadian Immigration in 2023

This article provides essential insights into acquiring permanent residency in Canada through the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.

Saskatchewan, a remarkably diverse province in Canada, is known for its scenic beauty and flourishing economy. The province's welcoming ambiance is enhanced by its multicultural society, fostering an inclusive environment for immigrants. Notably, Saskatchewan welcomed 13,364 immigrants between 2019 and 2022.

Understanding the Saskatchewan PNP Program

The Saskatchewan PNP program, a component of the Provincial Nominee Program, facilitates the recruitment of skilled labor for the province. Selection criteria are determined based on labor market dynamics and economic requirements within Saskatchewan.

Eligible foreign workers can utilize the Saskatchewan PNP program as a pathway to Canadian immigration.

Required Documentation for the Saskatchewan PNP Visa

Documentation prerequisites for the Saskatchewan PNP vary depending on the specific immigration program. However, several general documents are universally necessary, including:

Falid passport

Proof of identity

Medical examination results

Evidence of financial capacity

Bank statements

Police Clearance Certificate (Character verification)

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

Language proficiency test scores

Settlement strategy

Letter of employment

Proof of previous work experience

Marriage certificate (for accompanying spouses)

Dependent Children Information Certificate (for accompanying dependent children)

Step-by-Step Process for Saskatchewan Permanent Residency Application

Achieving permanent residency without a job offer in Saskatchewan in 2023 can be accomplished through the following steps:

Establish an Express Entry Profile.

Indicate Saskatchewan as your preferred residence.

Create a profile on the SINP online portal.

Complete all required formalities, subject to scrutiny by Saskatchewan immigration authorities.

Receive a designated timeframe to submit your documents in PDF format.

If deemed suitable, receive a provincial nomination.

Apply for permanent residency.

Obtain your visa for entry through the designated immigration avenue.

Application Costs for the Saskatchewan PNP

The application fee for the Saskatchewan PNP is $350 CAD, which is non-refundable. Additional fees include:

Right of Permanent Residence Fee: $500 CAD

Dependent child fee: $225 CAD

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Processing Times

Processing times for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) vary according to different immigration sub-programs:

International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer - 5 weeks

International Skilled Worker: Occupation In-Demand - 31 weeks

International Skilled Worker: Express Entry - 28 weeks

Saskatchewan Experience: Existing Work Permit - 4 weeks

Saskatchewan Experience: International Students - 4 weeks

Experience: Health Professionals - 4 weeks

Saskatchewan Experience: Truck Drivers - 5 weeks

Saskatchewan Experience: Hospitality Workers - 2 weeks

Entrepreneur and Farm: Entrepreneurs Nominations - 9 weeks

Entrepreneur and Farm: Farmers - 23 weeks


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