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Portugal Golden Visa

Unlock a New Chapter with Portugal's Golden Visa Have you heard about Portugal's Golden Visa? It's not just a residency program; it's your gateway to a vibrant new life. Launched in 2012, the Golden Visa is the go-to choice for families worldwide looking to call Portugal home. So, what makes it special?

What's the Buzz About Portugal's Golden Visa?

Simply put, it's a residency card that you can get by making a meaningful investment in Portugal. This can be in real estate, a capital investment, or by creating job opportunities. But why Portugal? Well, here are the perks:

  • Minimal Time, Maximum Perks: Spend only about seven days a year in Portugal to keep your Golden Visa valid. Yes, you read that right—seven days!
  • EU Access at Your Fingertips: Enjoy the benefits of being an EU resident without the hassle. Plus, free education in many EU countries once you have that shiny Portuguese Passport.
  • Travel the Schengen Area: Explore over 180 countries visa-free in the Schengen area and breeze through entry to 26 EU nations hassle-free.
  • Investment Flexibility: Start your journey with investments as low as €280K. A smart move in Portugal's thriving markets can even lead to strong returns.
  • Fast-Track to European Passport: Picture this—European citizenship in just five years. That's the magic of the Golden Visa.
  • Financial Benefits Galore: Become a non-habitual resident, paying little or no Portuguese tax for a decade. Plus, the first 10 years mean no income tax!
  • Quality of Life on a Budget: Portugal offers an affordable yet high-quality lifestyle. With excellent healthcare facilities and education options, it's a win-win.
  • Family-Friendly: Your Golden Visa benefits extend to your spouse, dependent children up to 26 years old, and even the parents of both you and your spouse.
  • Dual Nationality: Embrace the freedom of dual nationality. It's permitted!
  • Tax Perks: No income tax for the first 10 years. Non-residents face a 28% tax rate, but you can offset it with expenses for rental income.
Ready to turn the page and make Portugal your new home? The Golden Visa is your key to a world of possibilities. Let's start your journey today.

Who Can Apply?

If you're not from the EU, Switzerland, or EEA, you're eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa. It's a fantastic opportunity open to non-European nationals.

What You Need: The Basics

To kickstart your Golden Visa journey, make sure you:

  • Keep a Clean Slate: A clean criminal record is a must.
  • Invest Wisely: Commit a minimum of €250,000, maintaining this investment for at least 5 years.
  • Time Well Spent: Plan to stay for a minimum of 7 days in the first year, followed by 14 days in each subsequent two-year period.

Paperwork Made Simple

Gathering the necessary documents doesn't have to be daunting. Here's what you'll need:

  • ID Ready: A valid passport or identification document is your golden ticket.
  • Stay Healthy: Show proof of health insurance issued in the last three months.
  • Investment Proof: Provide evidence of your investment, whether it's a property deed, a sale agreement, or proof of fund subscription for an investment fund.
  • Financial Check: Share attested bank statements and other financial details.
  • Tax and Social Security: Demonstrate your compliance with tax and social security obligations in Portugal.

Investment Choices for Your Portuguese Golden Visa Journey

Embarking on the path to securing your Golden Visa in Portugal is an exciting journey, and at Apical Immigration Experts, we simplify your choices for investment. To get started, you need to be at least 18 years old and a non-EU, non-Swiss, or non-EEA national. Here are the investment options to choose from:

  • Capital Transfer: Invest a minimum of €1 million into Portugal.
  • Job Creation: Create at least ten jobs through entrepreneurship.
  • Scientific Research: Invest a minimum of €350,000 in scientific research.
  • Arts, Culture, and Heritage: Invest €250,000 or more in Portuguese arts, culture, and heritage.
  • Business Investment: Invest at least €500,000 in small or medium-sized businesses in Portugal.
  • Real Estate Option: Invest at least €500,000 in real estate (or €350,000 for historic preservation/urban renewal areas, or €280,000 in rural/inland areas).
  • Rule Change Update (Effective July 2021): Starting July 2021, real estate investments are limited to inland and low-density regions, excluding coastal areas like Porto and Lisbon.
If you're applying before July 2021, you can purchase property anywhere in the country, and existing applicants remain unaffected.

Portugal Investment Fund Golden Visa:

Professionally managed funds are available with a Golden Visa for a €350,000 investment. Depending on the selected fund, returns range from 1% to 6%.

Additional Programs in Dominica:

Explore other opportunities offered by Dominica, such as the Residency by Investment program. This allows you to obtain permanent residency after being a Dominican resident or employee for 5 years. As a benefit, you'll receive a Tax Identification Number.

Flexibilities Within Each Investment Type:

The Portugal Golden Visa offers significant flexibility in each investment type.

Property Investment Highlights:

  • Purchase one or multiple properties.
  • All property types qualify.
  • Co-ownership is possible.
  • Freedom to use, rent, or lease.

Job Creation:

  • Create a minimum of 10 jobs.
  • No minimum investment value.
  • No limitation on areas or activities.

Eligibility for the Portugal Golden Visa:

Open to anyone except Portuguese and EU/EFTA citizens, you can apply once the required investment is made. Ensure you meet these eligibility prerequisites:

  • Age: 18 or older.
  • Investment benefits the Portuguese economy.
  • No criminal record.
  • Investment funded from personal funds.
  • Maintain the investment throughout the Golden Visa period (typically at least five years).

Getting Your Golden Visa in Portugal: A Simple Guide

Embarking on the journey to a Golden Visa in Portugal is simpler than you might think. Here's a step-by-step breakdown in easy-to-understand terms:
Step 1: Choose Your Investment
Decide on your preferred investment option—whether it's an investment fund, real estate, opening a Portuguese company, or creating jobs. Once chosen, it's time to take the first steps.
Step 2: Set Up Financial Presence
Obtain a Portuguese Fiscal Number (NIF) and open a local bank account. Don't worry, this can be done within 2 working days, and if needed, immigration experts can handle it on your behalf.
Step 3: Lock in Your Investment
After selecting your investment, transfer the required capital. This marks a crucial step before moving forward.
Step 4: Apply for the Golden Visa
Submit your application for the Golden Visa once your funds are invested. This initiates the process of acquiring Portuguese residency.

Documents You'll Need:

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of legal entry into Portugal
  • Health insurance proof
  • Clean criminal record certificate
  • Completed form for SEF (Portuguese immigration)
  • Receipt of Golden Visa fees
  • Declaration from the Portuguese financial institution confirming fund transfer

Proof of Investment:

  • For real estate: Deed or sale agreement
  • For investment fund: Proof of fund subscription

Additional Requirements:

  • Portuguese Fiscal Number
  • Declaration of compliance with investment requirements
  • Various additional documents based on your chosen investment
Remember: If any documents aren't in Portuguese, they'll need to be translated and certified.

Navigating the Golden Visa Process:

Submitting all these documents can be complex, so consider working with an immigration expert or lawyer for a smoother application process.

Timeline to EU Citizenship:

The Golden Visa is initially valid for one year and can be renewed for subsequent two-year periods. Here's a brief timeline:

  • 1st & 2nd Year: Travel visa-free within Schengen countries.
  • 3rd & 5th Year: Spend at least 7 days per year in Portugal to keep your permit active.
  • Year 5+: Become eligible for permanent residency or citizenship after the fifth year.


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