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Australia Tourist Visa

Begin your adventure to Australia with assurance, whether it's for leisure, family reunions, or business ventures.
Our specialised Australia Visitor Visa services are designed to cater to your specific needs and ensure a seamless experience.

What is an Australia Tourist Visa?
The Australia Tourist Visa, also known as the Subclass 600 visa, is designed for individuals who wish to visit Australia for leisure, holidays, or to connect with friends and family. It allows you to explore the country for a specified period, typically up to 3, 6, or 12 months.

Australia Visitor Visa Overview:

Tailored for individuals, families, and businesspersons, the Australia Visitor Visa facilitates short-term travel and tourism. The three primary subtypes include:
• Tourist Visitor: Ideal for those exploring Australia for leisure or connecting with friends and family, whether applying from outside or within Australia.
• Business Visitor: Geared towards businesspersons embarking on short trips for negotiations, events, or business-related activities, with applications processed from outside Australia.
• Sponsored Family Visitor: Designed for family members outside Australia sponsored by an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
Extended-duration visitor visas are available for parents of Australian citizens and Permanent Residents.

Processing Time:

The processing time varies for each subtype:
• Tourist Visitor: 25% in less than 1 day, 50% in 6 days, 75% in 26 days, and 90% in 37 days.
• Business Visitor: 25% in less than 1 day, 50% in 3 days, 75% in 9 days, and 90% in 25 days.
• Sponsored Family Visitor: 25% in 28 days, 50% in 36 days, 75% in 45 days, and 90% in 50 days.
Several factors influence processing times, including submission of required documents, response time to requests, checks by authorities, and additional information related to health, character, and national security.

Key Points:

• Visa holders cannot work during their stay.
• The visa allows travel across Australia.
• Typically issued for a duration ranging from 3 months to one year.

Documents Required:

Applicants must provide:

• Proof of sufficient funds for the trip.
• Clean criminal record and compliance with Australian laws.
• Meeting health standards and submission of necessary medical records.
• Valid documentation and invitation letters from sponsors.
• Valid passport and recent coloured passport-sized photographs.
• Confirmed return air tickets and trip itinerary.
• Bank statements for 3 to 6 months.
• Travel insurance and proof of adequate funds.
• Invitation letter for those visiting relatives or friends.
• Hotel booking confirmation.

To ensure a smooth application process, we recommend applying well in advance of your travel date and refraining from making travel arrangements until your visa is granted.


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