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Sanjana Malhotra


The team at Immigrationxperts acted as a great catalyst in our process towards receiving the Austral.
When we decided to apply for Australia PR visa, we started looking for forums online for help and guidance from our friends already in Australia. Within a week, we realised that this was a tough task and although we had the dedication but the commitment and time was something we were lacking in.

My husband decided that we should go through the proper means and look for an agent to help us out. Even though I was skeptical about this decision initially but if you ask me today I think that was the best decision ever made and the cherry on the cake was that we found Immigration Xperts offers great service. We have just visited their office once and since then all our communication has been via phone and emails. Not once did we feel the need to visit their office again.

The team at is efficient and always ready to help. If for some reason, they are not able to take your call, you can be rest assured that you will get a call-in return at the earliest possible. No matter how many times you bother them with the same kind of questions, they never lose their cool and make sure that all our doubts are cleared.
I would like to thank Chinki Gupta, who guided us throughout our process and not once we felt that she did not give her best to the job always. There were times when we were not sure about certain documents and we would call her for advice and she would willingly explain the whole process to us and always guide us towards the best solution.

I would like to congratulate Manish Srivastava on forming such an active and talented team

Some points that I would like to highlight about Immigration Experts:

  • Quick responses to all kind of queries
  • Up to date about all the processes involved in getting visa.
  • Correct advice and guidance throughout the whole process

They are stickler for details which is beneficial for us as we know that if we end up making mistake they will cover it up for us. The team at Immigrationxperts acted as a great catalyst in our process towards receiving the Australian PR. I am glad that we chose Thanks again for all your efforts and patience with us.

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