Getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) Canada | Express Entry 2021

ITA Received. What Next?

Express Entry applicants who are able to meet the minimum entry criteria (MEC) and are registered with the Job Bank, if become eligible, automatically enters into the Express Entry Pool. Once the applicant is in the pool, they are eligible to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) under the Canada Immigration Program(s) for which they are able to meet the requirements based on the information declared in the Express Entry profile.

The ITA could be described as an auto-generated correspondence sent to Express Entry applicants via their online account. The ITA is issued to those candidates who score highest score under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in the Express Entry draws or rounds of invitations, revealed frequently on monthly basis.

When an Express Entry draw or round of invitation takes place, an applicant is declared to be eligible across multiple classes and the system then automatically invites the applicants under one of the following streams and in the given order:

  • Provincial Nominee Class (PNC);
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC); 
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC);
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC).

1. Respond to Invitation to Apply (ITA)

If the Canadian Government issues an invitation to apply for permanent residence (PR), you will receive a message in your online account saying that:

  • For which program you have been sent an invitation to apply (ITR);
  • What you have to do next

You are required to show proof of information you have described in the Express Entry Profile. The IRCC will then assess the information to decide whether the information provided in the application is similar or different from the one mentioned in the profile. 

Deadline for responding towards an ITA
After receiving an ITA, the applicant is given 60 calendar days to opt for the following: A. Submit a completed Application for Permanent Residence (APR) using the online account: 

This includes submitting all supporting documents in the account you have described in the Express Entry Profile. The IRCC then assess the information to decide whether the information provided in the application is similar or different from the one mentioned in the profile. 

Document Checklist for Post ITA

Once you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence of Canada through Express Entry Program, you are required to submit the following documents to CIC or some other documents based on the information filled by you in your Express Entry Profile:

Document Checklist for Post ITA

Once you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence of Canada through Express Entry Program, you are required to submit the following documents to CIC or some other documents based on the information filled by you in your Express Entry Profile:

In case you are married in Canada: You should have the marriage certificate issued by the particular province or territory of Canada describing where the marriage took place.

In case you are married outside Canada: The marriage should be valid as per the law of that particular country where the marriage took place and also under the Canadian law.

If the marriage is performed in an embassy or a consulate then it should comply with the laws of the host country where it is situated, and not the nationality of that particular embassy or consulate.

It is mandatory for you to submit a legitimate copy of all your valid passports or travel documents which you will be using while travelling. In case you do not have a passport then you should use an equally applicable travel document, issued by the government and should include your:
  • Name,
  • Date of Birth,
  • Document Number,
  • Citizenship or Residency Status,
  • Photograph, and 
  • Expiry Date of the document (if applicable)

You are required to submit a medical examination report provided only by the panelist doctors. Here, some hospitals can ask for proof of ITA while some will not ask for it. Please note that the validity of this document is only 1 year. The fee of this exam is equivalent to RINR 5000 – 6000 (approximately).

1. Proof of post-secondary education 

You should provide proof of completion of post-secondary education. The proof of education is mainly presented though submitting copies of diploma and/or degree certificate. The following educational qualifications are equivalent to post-secondary education:
  • Training completed in a specific trade. For instance, auto mechanics or carpentry;
  • Training completed in a profession that although requires enrollment in a formal education but not necessarily at the University level. For instance, engineering technician or dental technician;
  • Training completed not at the level of a university where a certificate or diploma is awarded; or
  • Enrollment in a trade or an apprenticeship 

2. Bachelor’s Degree

An academic degree awarded by a university or college to those individuals who have completed their undergraduate studies or baccalaureate. For Example: Bachelors of Science, Bachelors of Commerce, Bachelors of Technology and more.


3. Master’s Degree:

An academic degree awarded by a college or university.  

4. Ph.D.

Consider as one of the highest university degrees, usually awarded after completing a minimum of three years of graduate studies along with a thesis submission. Generally, an individual is required to complete a Masters’ degree before a Ph.D. can be awarded to them.
You are required to provide proof towards work experience of your current job as well as for all the past jobs listed in your application. This includes: Reference Letter for all your current and past employers, and pay slips/stubs, in case you have them.  Please note that the Reference Letter must:
  • Be written on the company’s letterhead;
  • Be signed by officer/supervisor held responsible for your work
  • Have the name and job title of the officer/supervisor printed below their signature
  • Include the contact information of the company
  • Be stamped using the official seal of the company (if applicable)
  • If possible, the letter must be submitted along with the business card of the individual signing it
The information that should be present on your reference letter includes:
  • Job Profile/Title
  • Roles and responsibilities as per the NOC code chosen by you
  • Job Status (Current or previous)
  • Period of time (Date, month and year) for which employed with the company
  • Number of working hours completed per week
  • Annual Salary credited along with other benefits
Please note, in case your reference letter does not have the information mentioned above, then it might have a red flag by the visa officer saying that the employer listed by the applicant is not authentic.  Further, it is suggested to create separate file of the documents for each period of employment.

You are required to submit police certificate for each country, region and/or territory, apart from Canada, in which you have spent a minimum of 6 months. A police certificate could be a declaration of absence of any criminal record or description of your criminal record.

Police certificate issued by every country could be different and therefore can be referred to as police clearance certificate, judicial record, good conduct certificates and more. The validity of these documents is equivalent to 1 year only.

Please note that you have worked or lived in any country for a period of two months, left the place for few years and then returned back to stay for four months, then the total period would be counted as six months. In this case, you would require a police certificate.

If you are applying for the permanent residence (PR) of Canada through Express Entry Program, then you must provide an official letter given by the bank (financial institution) describing your financial profile. This should: Include all your bank (current and savings) accounts, investment accounts, account numbers, dates on which each account was opened and the balance in each account maintained since last six months; Include all your outstanding debts, which includes loans and credit cards; The information should be printed over the letter head of the bank (financial institution) and should have your name and contact information along with the contact details of the financial institution (address, phone number and email address). Your bank will definitely provide you with this information.

You are required to submit two copies of your digital photograph and also that of each of your family members. They have to submitted with specific requirements of shape, size and color.

You are required to submit IELTS TRF.

2. Decline the ITA

This takes place if the applicant is not ready to apply within a period of 60 days after receiving the ITA or if the applicant finds out they have become ineligible under any particular immigration stream due to a change in their circumstances. In such circumstances, the candidate profile will remain “active” in the Express Entry pool for the remaining days under the validity period and therefore the candidate would be considered for subsequent draws or rounds of invitation, if they continue to meet the MEC. 

3. If the applicant does not respond towards the issued ITA

In this case, the candidate fails to submit a completed APR within the given 60 days period of time after receiving the ITA and decline the ITA in their online account within the given duration. In this case, the ITA will expire and the applicant will no longer be considered for future Express Entry rounds of invitation. To re-enter in to the Express Entry Pool, the candidate is required to create a new profile using their online account and will be re-assessed for the MEC at that point of time.

Note: It is the applicants’ responsibility to keep a frequent check on their online account. IRCC never grants any extension on the 60-calendar-day deadline period for submitting a completed APR. It will never be considered as a valid reason for extension of deadline, in case the applicant claims that they have forgot to check their online account or have not read their ITA letter.

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