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ITA Received – What Next?

ITA Received – What Next? Immigration Consultant Services In Noida & Delhi/NCR

Express Entry is that one program through which the applicant can garner Permanent Resident visa under Canada Immigration far much sooner than under any other process. Once the application under Express Entry has been submitted, a proper verification and assessment of the application along with other details and documents provided is performed and once all the information is found to be complete and authentic Invitation to Apply is send to those applicants on the basis of CRS score.

Once the application is thoroughly approved as in all the details are verified and correct, based on the CRS score and Express Entry draw, ITA will be sent to selected applicants. Those who do not get ITA within few months will have to wait for a while as it is quite possible their name is below in line.

Once an ITA is received for Permanent Residency, the applicant will be required to put forth proof of the same as provided in the profile created under Express Entry. In the scenario wherein the details provided in Express Entry profile does not match with that of the information given in the application, the applicant will be refused entry and thereafter, Permanent Residence in Canada.

Once the applicant is invited under Express Entry program of Canada Immigration, following details will be sent to his profile account:

  • Under which program ITA is sent
  • What steps to taken next.

In case the applicant has provided faulty information or left out imperative details, that has helped to misrepresent themselves, the application will be refuse. For misrepresentation any of the following actions can be taken:

  • The application is refused to be considered for Canada PR.
  • The applicant could be declared inadmissible.
  • Stringent refusal to apply for Canada Immigration for next five years, irrespective of the reason.

Imperative Documents

to stand in as proof with the application for Canada Permanent Residence.

Once the applicant gets selected in the applicant pool of Express Entry, they should start getting their required documents in order. Once an ITA is send, the applicant has only 60 days in which they need to apply for Permanent Residency and also provide all the supporting proof as in the documents. If the documents are already in correct order and ready to be submitted, then the pressure in the 60 days gets reduced greatly.

Language Test Results (IELTS Result)

The applicant should ensure that the result garnered by him is still valid and applicable as on the date on which the application for permanent residency under Canada Immigration is going to be filed. In the scenario, wherein the IELTS, language ability, result has expired before receiving ITA the applicant can take any one of the course mentioned below:

  • Give the test again.
  • Apply for PR before the results become invalid.
  • Refuse the ITA and return back to Express Entry pool in order to be considered again for Canada PR in the future.

In case the results have become invalid and the applicant still applies for Canada Immigration PR, the application submitted will be declined.

Certificate and Verification from Police

The applicant will be required to provide police certificates in the name of himself and each family member who is above 18 years of age. The certificate will be required from the police officer of each and every country or territory in which applicant has stayed for more than 6 months consecutively after reaching the age bracket of 18 years.

There are many countries in which this process takes up a lot of time to get completed. Thus if the applicant has not already started to garner police certificates, then they should now as they will be required to put in these certificates before 60 days gets over.

Eligibility Requirements under each Program:

Click on the link provided in order to see whether the application is still valid under the program allotted to the applicant: check the criteria for the program you have been directed to apply under.

Once the applicant is familiar with the requirements under the program for which ITA is send, they will be in better position to make sound decision regarding acceptance or refusal of ITA. This will also make them more ready to apply under Canada Immigration and Citizenship.

Untoward Change in Personal Circumstances

In a situation wherein there are some changes either to the circumstances surrounding the applicant or his / her spouse or partner, they should stop and recalculate the CRS score of express entry before going to apply for Canada PR online.

In the condition, where the recalculated score is below the score of lowest scoring immigrant in the express entry round of the applicant, then he or she should decline the received ITA.

Note: In such scenario Canada Immigration officials have full right to refuse the reapplication for Express Entry if they should wish to so. Furthermore, the application fees paid is also not refunded.

Some scenarios which could result in lower score of CRS are:

  • The applicant loses out on the valid job offer.
  • The provincial Nomination is not valid for applicant any longer.
  • The test score for language skills have expired or the retest taken for the same has provided lower score.

Declination of ITA (Invitation to Apply)

When the applicant declines the ITA for any reason, they are put back in the pool of Express Entry candidates, if they meet and complete the minimum requirements set under this. They will be again considered for ITA in future Express Entry draws.

There are certain steps the applicant will be forced to take in case the ITA is declined due to unforeseen circumstance. Such as:

  • If the applicant has garnered additional points due to job offer which got cancelled, then they need to look for another one.
  • In case the applicant got into a common law partner arrangement or got married then they will be required to update the profile account for Express Entry.

Though there is no assurity that an ITA will be send to apply for the Permanent Residency in Canada, there is however, guarantee that no negative impact on the decision whether they will receive Invitation to Apply or not.

In the scenario where the applicant does not decline for ITA and is also unable to apply for PR within the 60 days provided, then the invite will expire and the applicant will have to start afresh by creating new profile under express entry and resubmitting all the documents and information all over again. They will have to again wait to be accepted under Express entry and receive ITA. In order to re-enter the Express Entry pool, the applicant will be required to submit profile from scratch along with meeting the minimum criteria set.

Not Receiving the Invitation to Apply

Any applicant can only stay and wait for one year to receive the ITA starting from the date their application was approved under Express entry program. To view the said date, applicant will be required to access their Express entry account. If the applicant does not receive ITA within 12 months from entering into the Express Entry pool of candidates, their profile will be expired. At the time expiration, the applicant will be intimated for same in their account.

Express Entry, although the fastest way to get PR under Canada Immigration, is also one of the most difficult ones to crack. Its complexities and small nitty gritties can result in disappointment for the candidate, to avoid which the candidate should employ a reliable immigration agency. We at Immigration Xperts only house those immigration managers who have full knowledge regarding Canada immigration process so that they can guide the client to their best possibility. We can be connected through web chat on our website –

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