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Neeraj K. Rai


ImmigrationXperts did a fantastic job and made my dream come true

Dear ImmigrationXperts Team, Thanks for your dedicated efforts. Please find below my testimonial -

During my initial search for hiring an immigration consultant services for Canadian PR application, I contacted nearly 10 - 12 immigration services. When I first communicated with Mr. Manish Srivastava (Principal Consultant), I got the feeling that most probably this is the consulting service that I was desperately looking for. The following clarifications were clearly stated during my first interaction with Mr. Manish -

The fee structure was clearly intimated (there were no hidden charges !!). The worded payment terms and conditions were quite consumer friendly (in comparison to other immigration services).
The RCIC related information was clearly provided.
Based on my inputs, I was honestly suggested that what are the best options available for me.
I formally started my application journey in May 2015 and was finally awarded the PR visa in October 2016. During this whole journey, Mr. Kamal Channi (RCIC Lawyer), Mr. Manish and Ms. Chinki Gupta (Case Processing Manager) were quite approachable and used to patiently answer all the queries.

The primary benefits that I realized during my stint with ImmigrationXperts team are -

They are actually (this is the keyword !!) knowledgeable and have clear cut understanding of the end to end Canada Visa application process.
They take utmost care in filing of the application and ensure that it complies with all the requirements at every stage.
They provided all the services mentioned in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions.
They performed the role of mediator (between me and CIC) with absolute professionalism. All the CIC notifications were timely and exactly communicated.
They are thoroughly proficient as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. The matter of fact that Mr. Kamal personally called me twice itself speaks about their credibility.

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