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Divyanshu Gupta


Being an engineer by profession, I wanted an EA (Engineers Australia) skill assessment to continue my career in the same area in my dream country, Australia.

In the beginning, I read a lot of articles on Google to understand the EA application process, and frankly speaking, it all bounced off my head. When I started having trouble with all this, I decided to hire a consultant with experience in this.

I contacted 3-4 consultants around my place with good ratings. However, I felt disappointed in our first meeting. But when I got a meeting arranged with Apical Immigration Experts, I felt eased down.

I would like to thank Ms. Renshu Singh for her expertise and guidance that helped me get my positive skill assessment from EA (Engineers Australia) in a shorter time than I calculated in the beginning.

Also big shoutout, I received my invite from Melbourne on 70 points only - yes only 70 points under the 190 Subclass.

Tons of Thanks to Immigration Experts. I highly recommend them. Kudos!

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