The provincial nominee programs (PNPs) across Canada enables each province and territory to select eligible skilled professionals that meet their eligibility criteria and thereby nominating them for the Canadian Permanent Residence.

Read out to find out which province makes it easiest to get the Canada PR and which province is right for you as you are starting your Canada immigration journey.

There exists more than 80 different PNP programs and each one of them has their own eligibility requirements on the basis of which the province selects the candidate. PNP allows the each of the provinces across Canada to respond back to their own needs and requirements with respect to immigration, in a different manner. More often, provincial nominee programs are designed to fill in the gaps in the labour market and therefore they select candidates from the PNP programs that are required in some of the high in-demand occupations.

On the other hand, some provinces also require the applicants to have a connection with the province, which can be established on the basis of previous work experience in that specific province, previous studies in the province or an employment letter from an employer from that province. However, there are few PNPs in Canada that are most suitable for those individuals that are living outside Canada and do not have a prior connection with the province.

The three easiest provinces to help get the Canada Permanent Residence in 2021 are:

Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker Stream

The International Skilled Worker program of Saskatchewan has been designed with a focus to bring individuals with work experience in the province’s in-demand occupations. In order to become eligible for this PNP program, the applicant should have a minimum of one year of work experience in one of the employments that are listed in the Saskatchewan’s in-demand occupations list.

With the increment and expansion of the in-demand occupation list, a greater number of candidates may now become eligible in order to apply for the Saskatchewan’s PNP program. In addition to this, candidates should have already completed a post-secondary education which should be of at least one year and should also have relevant proficiency in either one of the languages, that are, English or French.

There are mainly two immigration streams of Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker that are focused upon those candidates that are living and applying for Canadian PR from outside of Canada. First one is the Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream which mandates the applicant to have an eligible and active Express Entry Application in order to apply further for this immigration pathway. Second is the, Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand Stream, which on the other hand, does not require the candidate to have the Express Entry Profile.

Alberta’s Express Entry Stream

The western province of Canada is home to some of the thriving cities of the country, which includes Calgary and Edmonton. With increasing employment opportunities as well as a great education system in the province, it can surely be taken into consideration while thinking and planning about the various immigration options available with the individual.

The Alberta Express Entry immigration stream selects candidates from the federal pool of Express Entry System and then invites them to apply for the permanent residency of Canada by sending a nomination letter from the provincial government of Alberta. One of the important benefits of this immigration stream is that the minimum CRS score requirement is equivalent to 300, which implies that a greater number of candidates in the Express Entry Pool will be having a chance to receive a pre nomination request letter or a Notification of Interest from the province.

Therefore, by receiving a nomination from the province, a candidate’s CRS scores gets increased by an addition of 600 points, which in turn guarantees an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the permanent residence in the subsequent Express Entry Draw.

Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream  

Ontario is one of the most popular provinces of Canada and is also one of the most popular destinations for the immigrant population arriving in the country as many newcomers get drawn towards the metro city of Toronto and also towards its increasing tech-oriented employment sector. As such, Ontario has a large number of immigrant newcomers that have arrived via the PNP stream and help each other.

For those skilled individuals that are living outside Canada, the Human Capital Priorities Stream of Ontario is a great choice. This immigration stream prioritizes the skilled workers in various professional fields who will be able to serve the employment positions available in the province of Ontario.

Human Capital Priorities Stream is completely aligned with the Federal Express Entry Program and in order to get selected by the province, a candidate should have an active and eligible Express Entry Application with a CRS Score which is equivalent to greater than 400 points. Ontario PNP scans all the Express Entry profiles submitted in the pool and invites only certain candidates to apply further for its PNP program.

Towards the end of 2021, Ontario released draws which were targeted towards the tech workers under the Human Capital Priorities Stream immigration pathway. In order to be eligible, the applicant is required to hold a valid work experience in one of the six occupation codes. Since the time it has been launched, the province of Ontario has conducted a total of 3 tech-oriented draws and with a total of 4,350 invitations being issued till date.

Ontario also targets skilled professionals by offering another PNP stream which is designed for French Speaking Skilled Professionals and also who has profiles already submitted towards the Express Entry Pool. In case the candidate has an intermediate to even an advanced level of proficiency in the French language, this program can be a great option.

Which PNP program is right for you?

As Canada has more than 80 PNP program for the skilled professional workers to choose from, we know that it can be difficult to narrow down the choices and decide which immigration program will be best for the candidate. If you are meeting the minimum eligibility criteria for the Canada Provincial Nominee Program’s and all other ways to immigrate to Canada, get in touch with us and we will guide you for the further process.

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