Skilled workers opting to work in Canada often go for Permanent Residency in Canada rather than just work on temporary basis. The reasons for this are quite obvious as the country not only beautiful life and career opportunity to immigrants. The immigration policy for Canada is also quite compliant as the immigration process is much more clear and concise. The point of discretion, however, is getting through the point based express entry program that is not quite easy for many. In this scenario, the only alternative left with the applicant is to look for another way of getting PR for Canada. The best option to get near that permanent residency is through Provincial Nominee Program. Under PNP, applicant can get immigration access to Canada in a quite simple and easy manner by garnering nomination from a territory or province of Canada. Once the applicant receives the nomination from any province of Canada for the visa under PR, it is almost a guarantee and stamp of getting Permanent residency in Canada. Some key points that the applicant needs to be aware of under PNP for Canada Immigration and PR visa for the same are:
  • Every single province or territory of Canada has its own program for Provincial Nomination under which a set
  • number of candidates are invited and nominated to apply for PR.
  • Prospective candidates are chosen on the basis of requirement and needs arising for the set skills in that
  • particular province’s labor market and economy which are present with candidate.
  • The province then nominates the prospective applicant towards Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada
  • (IRCC) for PR.
  • The moment the candidate receives the nomination, they have around 60 days to apply for PR with IRCC from
  • the date of receipt of invitation and nomination.
PNPs Express Entry Stream: PNPs also have segregated Express Entry Stream that is applicable for only that province but works hand in hand with the Express Entry System to select that perfect group of candidates for Canada Immigration and PR. Under this stream, the prospective candidates structure a profile for themselves in the Express Entry System showcasing their interest to migrate to a particular province/territory or all the states and territories of Canada. Next step is to get selected in the pool of candidates under Express Entry System. All the provinces of Canada have full access to the pool of candidates under express entry. Once they viewed all the selected candidates in the Express Entry system, they pick and choose those applicants which fit perfectly with the requirement list for their province and subsequently send an invitation to apply for PR with their respective province. On receiving the nomination to apply, candidate needs to apply within set period of days after which they get Provincial Nomination Certificate if they are selected. This certificate automatically awards 600 points to the total points of the candidate under Express Entry System which sure shot paves the way for getting ITA for Canada PR visa. In case you wish to apply for Canada Immigration and subsequent PR visa through PNP then the best way is to approach an Immigration consultancy that have proficient agents to guide you through the whole process and ensure that you get maximum advantage while applying for the best province suitable as per your skills and qualification. One such Immigration agency is Immigration Xperts that have authenticity and reliability for providing best immigration services for Canada in the market. The in-house team of agents is quite experienced in the field of Provincial Nomination Program for almost all the provinces and territories of Canada and is also quite well versed in what goes to gain successful nomination to apply for PR under each province. Book your appointment with their team of experts either through the website – or directly talk to the agency’s representative through their Toll Free Number – 8010357357.