Australia has always been a vibrant and popular destination when it comes to settling abroad. Every year thousands of people choose Australia as their home.

Being a continent country, Australia offers you a lifestyle in the lapse of natural surroundings.

Moreover, the country has free or subsidized health care facilities, free education, breathtaking views, a multicultural environment, and a rising economy. All these aspects together make Australia a potential country for immigration.

To make immigration easy for the people and subsequently help the economy of the country, Australia has come up with Migration Program Planning Levels 2022-2023.

Let’s look at what precisely this program is and its benefits.

Migration Program Planning Levels 2022-2023

Pandemics affected the whole world in various ways, and one such prominent that brought havoc on countries was the declining economy.

Almost every country has grown through economic setbacks, and Australia is one of them.

Immigration impacts a country’s economy with more skilled workers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, international students, and semi-skilled workers. A change can be expected in a positive direction in a country’s economy. And this is why Australia chose to level up its immigration program.

The Migration Program Planning Levels 2022-2023 focuses on increasing the number of migrants by allotting the visa with specific stream composition. This will eventually help Australia in its economic recovery post-pandemic situation.

The country has planned to allot 160,000 visas with specific stream composition under the Migration Program Planning Levels 2022-2023, which follows as:


Under this stream, there are a total of 109,900 places. This stream is included to increase the skilled workforce of Australia and additionally fill up the scarcity of skilled workers within the country's labor market.


Under this stream, there are a total of 50,000 places. This stream is specially designed for the visas of the partners. It initiates the Australians to reunite with their family members all over the globe and helps them with getting citizenship in Australia.

• To make the working more efficient and save time from 2022-2023 onwards, partner visas can be granted on demand for the reunification of the families. This way, the partner visa pipeline will be reduced and cut out the application processing time of the applicants.

• According to the numbers, around 40,500 partner visas are expected by the country under the 2022-2023 planning program. This estimate is not subject to the ceiling.

• Additionally, over 3,000 child visas are expected by the country for the 2022-2023 planning program. The estimate is demand-driven and not subject to a ceiling.

Special Eligibility

Under this stream, there are a total of 100 places. This stream is designed for exceptional circumstances. For example, permanent residents are planning to return to their country after a long time overseas.

Migration Program Planning Levels As Announced As Part Of The 2021-22 And 2022-23 Federal Budgets

The places mentioned above in stream skilled visa categories are subjected to redistribution as per the demand put up by the changing economic conditions by the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs.

Below is the table that gives an overview of visa categories in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023:

Program Size And Composition

The Migration Planning Program has some size and composition, which is done by the Australian Government, keeping the budget for the year.

To set out the different planning levels and several policy guidelines for the Migration Planning Program 2022-2023, the Department of Home Affairs consults the government of all the states and territories, industry, union and community organizations, and representatives of academia during November and December 2021.

To have a broad spectrum of the program, the officials decided to include all the organizations existing in the country in the planning process of the program.

Hence, the Department of Home Affairs requested all the public submissions to become a part of the program and help with the planning process of the Migration Planning Program 2022-2023. However, the process has been closed for now.

To make the Migration program more impactful, the government decided to consider all the aspects, such as economic and labor force forecasts, net overseas migration, international research, monetary and fiscal modeling, and public submissions.

State and Territory Nominated Visa Categories – ​2021-22 Nomination Allocations

According to the Migration Planning Program 2022-2023 settings, the states and territories are made available with the nomination allocations under the below-given visa categories:

• Skilled - Nominated (subclass 190)

• Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (subclass 491)

• Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP)

All the states and territories are given the power to assess the applicant according to the eligibility criteria set up by their separate individual jurisdiction.

Below is the for the state and territory nominated visa allocations :

The Winners And Losers Of Migration Program Planning Levels 2022-2023

As the numbers foretold the increase and decrease in the percentage of the Migration Program Planning Levels 2022-2023, one thing is quite clear: the upcoming financial year is offering a lot to the candidates looking out for skilled independent and regional visas.

It can be seen that the places have been increased in the same program by 156% and 123%, respectively. This can result in more invitations to be received in the General Skilled Migration Program, which will subsequently help in increasing the opportunity given to the individuals to apply for permanent residence in Australia without needing the assistance of an employer that is sponsoring the application.

Whereas considering the downside of the Migration Planning Program, the applicants under the category of Global Talent and the Business Innovation and Investment Programs are on the losing side, as their allocated places are cut down by 44% and 30%, respectively.

On the other hand, Global Talent is one of the popular choices amongst prospective visa holders. But truth to be told, this program will be fruitful for every category mentioned in the program.

The Migration Planning Program 2002-2023 is aimed to help with the recovery of the country’s economy that got hit hard by the pandemic and is now coming up with various tactics to prevail in post-pandemic time.

Also, the program is helping a lot in aid to the shortage in the workforce, which affects the labor market and hence the economy in general. The candidates get to have a safe and easy path through this program and get to have the benefits the country is providing.

Moreover, people having permanent residence in Australia are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship adhering to the guidelines.

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