As job openings continue rising, Ontario and Saskatchewan add 400,000 new positions.

According to the most recent report, unemployment decreased in September, but job openings and payroll employment are still high.

In Canada, there were 994,800 open positions in September, an increase of 3.8% across all sectors. Most of these new jobs were added in Saskatchewan and Ontario.

The job vacancy rate, which measures the total number of open positions as a percentage of labor demand, increased to 5.7%, indicating that there is still a need to fill positions due to a lack of qualified candidates.

Even after taking into account these seasonal factors, there are still a lot of jobs available in Canada in September.

Which industries had the most open positions?

Statistics Canada counts a position as vacant if:

• A specific position currently exists; and

• Work for this position could start within 30 days; and

• The employer is actively seeking workers from outside the organization to fill the position.

In this situation, there are still many open positions in some economic sectors.

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Health care and Social Assistance

In September, there were 159,500 open positions in the social assistance and healthcare sectors, up from a record-high number in August.

Due to the ongoing high demand for professionals in this field (such as doctors, nurses, physicians, surgeons, etc.) in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector saw an increase in job openings of 25% year over year.

In an effort to address a labor shortage, Canada has taken steps to entice more professionals in this sector to immigrate to the nation, even removing obstacles to permanent residence (PR) for professionals in this sector.

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Accommodation and Food Services

The number of open positions in the sector of lodging and food services, which is always looking for workers, increased by 12% to 152,400 in September.

While a large portion of this enormous increase can be attributed to seasonal effects, the industry has seen growth in hiring and employment, with encouraging signs for the future as vacancies and employment in the sector have remained high throughout the year.

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Retail Trade

With 117,300 open positions in September, there was a slight increase in job openings in the retail sector. The job vacancy rate was 5.5%, which is in line with the national average for all industries and a reliable sign that there will always be a need for workers in this field.

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Professional Scientific and Technical Services

Professional scientific and technical services is another industry with a consistent demand for labor. This broad sector includes legal services, accounting, architecture and engineering, computer systems design, management consulting, advertising, public relations, and more.

The September report showed 61,900 open positions, which is indicative of this. The industry's job vacancy rate of 5%, which once again mirrors the national average, is a good sign of ongoing demand and hiring efforts in the area in the months to come.

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Manufacturing was the only sector to consistently experience a decrease in job openings; from a peak of 92,100 openings in August, there were only 76,000 openings in September.

Although this could be interpreted as an indication of increased hiring in the industry, the decline in job openings follows the fourth decline in Real Gross Domestic Product (RGDP) over the previous five months. The value of all goods and services within an industry is reflected by the real gross domestic product (RGDP), an inflation-adjusted metric.

In light of this, a contraction in the industry as a whole is probably closely related to a decline in job openings in this sector.

The industries that experienced the greatest increase in employment were:

• Healthcare and social assistance (+ 20,700 employees);

• Accommodation and food services (+ 8,400 employees);

• Retail Trade (+ 8,200 employees);

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