Manitoba sent 354 invitations to apply for a provincial nomination from Canada's permanent residence in a new draw held on July 5th.

Invitations, referred to as Nomination Letters (LOIs), were sent to the Skilled Worker Overseas, Manitoba Skilled Worker and Manitoba International Nominee Program (MPNP) International Education candidates.

The MPNP allows Manitoba to nominate foreign workers and international graduates of post-secondary institutions in the province as permanent residents of Canada.

In 2018, the MPNP published a record number of applications in its various immigration streams, the vast majority of which were destined for candidates in its skilled trades stream.

Here is how the LAAs published on July 5 were divided between the three components concerned:

  • Skilled Workers Overseas Stream: 248
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream: 85
  • International Education Stream: 21

According to the MPNP, 91 AALs were sent to candidates with a valid profile in the federal Express Entry system.

Express Entry is the leading source of highly skilled foreign talent in Canada and manages the pool of candidates for three of Canada's largest economy-class immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Skilled Trades Category (Federal)  and the Canadian Experience Class.

Provincial entry candidates with a provincial nomination receive 600 additional points for their ranking score, effectively guaranteeing an invitation from the Government of Canada to apply for permanent residence.

In order to be considered for a provincial Manitoba application, Express Entry applicants must create a separate Expression of Interest Profile with the MPNP and meet the requirements that include six months of recent work experience in the field. a profession listed as in demand in Manitoba.

The completion of an EOI is the first step for most subgroups of skilled workers in the MPNP. It requires candidates to enter information about their training, work experience, English or French proficiency, and their relationship with Manitoba, among other details, and are assigned a score based on their responses.

Candidates with the highest scores are invited to participate in the regular draw of the Manitoba EOI Pool.

The minimum score required for a July 5 draw in Manitoba was:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba: 565
  • Skilled Workers Overseas: 594
    • Skilled Workers Overseas: Strategic Recruitment Initiative candidates: 619

This draw brings to 5,333 the total number of AJAs issued to skilled immigration applicants in 2019.