At the outset, all Canadian federal skilled workers who seek this particular Visa from the relevant Canadian immigration authorities must note that the Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program for Canada is scheduled for closure towards the end of the year 2014.

Last Chance for Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Hence, it is truly the Last Chance for all of you. As there is just about two months to go about applying for this much sought after Visa. But remember, you do have these nearly sixty days to complete the formalities and not miss out on a chance to acquire the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa and get the privilege of working as a Federal Skilled Worker in this nation.

For obtaining the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa, you first need to clear a Point System, though. This Point System is there simply to ensure that only those who possess the basic minimum qualifications to succeed in Canada as a Canadian Federal Skilled Worker apply.

And the eligibility criteria are –
  • Hold work experience in any of the 50 work/occupation areas identified by the Canadian authorities
  • Be enrolled in any PhD Program offered by a Canadian University/Institution
  • In certain instances, employment in Canada even

Besides the Point System, the following is imperative for successful acceptance of you

Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa
  • Possess at least one year’s (or the equivalent 1560 hours) experience in the chosen and similar area of work
  • The inherent ability to clear a Canadian language test
  • Holder of a Canadian Diploma or the equivalent international degree
  • Adequate financial resources to support yourselves and family while in Canada