Canada Express Entry program is often acclaimed for its simplicity. When it comes to the tie breaking rules, however, candidates often get muddled and abandon all hope. Fortunately for you, we have provided all the information you’ll require about the express entry tie-breaking rule in this article.   This rule is only applicable to candidates who have acquired minimum CRS score. For instance, if the express entry cutoff is 450 points, then all candidates with 450 points would have to be provided an ITA. This may bring in more immigrants than was expected by the IRCC. Hence, this rule was set up to counter this problem.   If you’re one of the candidates with 450 points, then the express entry tie-breaking rule will apply to you.  

The rule will be applicable as follows:

  1. IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) releases a tie breaking date.
  2. Candidates whose profile was in the express entry pool on or before this date will be selected.
  3. Candidates whose profile was submitted in the express entry pool after this date will be rejected.
  Tie-breaking dates are released after the cut-off release. This enables the IRCC to precisely select the number of candidates in each express entry draw. If you have a score of more than the minimum cut-off, then you need not worry about the tie-breaking rule.  

CRS Score

The CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System) score is calculated on the basis of certain parameters. Once you submit your profile in the express entry pool, your score is calibrated. According to this score, you receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply.) Mentioned below are the parameters on the basis of which CRS score is calculated:  
  1. Age
  2. Nationality
  3. Work Experience
  4. Educational Qualification
  5. Language Proficiency
  6. Provincial Nomination or Family Nomination
  7. Job Offer from Canada based Employer
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