Provincial nominee programs have always served as a benediction for applicants of Canada permanent residency. It also enables provinces in Canada to select candidates according to their own requirement. For instance, Quebec is a French-speaking province and hence prefers candidates who are fluent in the language.   Ontario has been named as the best province in Canada for immigrants. You won’t find it difficult to assimilate in Ontario as an immigrant. It is a multicultural province where you can find people from more than 200 countries. Unlike Quebec, the primary language of the province is English, which is a major relief for most immigrants. Here is some information about Ontario’s provincial nominee program.  

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP)

  First of all, the Ontario Immigration Application Process is fast. They often inform you about their final decisions within 60 days. Ontario holds the largest amount of population in Canada, approx 40 percent. It is also the financial center of the company and hence houses headquarters and offices of many major companies. This is why the immigration process has to move very fast.   OINP itself has several categories, all of which have been mentioned below:

General Category

  If you have a job offer or are looking for a job in Ontario, then you should apply via OINP’s general category. The requirements for the program have been provided below:  
  • Have at least two years of Experience in your field
  • Get a job offer from Canada based employer for NOC Levels O, A or B jobs
  • The offer should be for a Full-Time Job
  • The job should be within the province of Ontario
  • Wage rate should be according to the Canadian Standard

Human Capital Priorities

  This is a recently launched category of the OINP. For this, you simply have to apply through the Express Entry Program. All the profiles in the Express Entry pool are analyzed by the Ontario immigration department. If your profile suits the province, then they will respond to you with a Notification of Interest (NOI.) If thereafter you want to avail the PNP, you can reply to the NOI in the affirmative.  

Entrepreneur Category

  Are you an entrepreneur who wants to create jobs? If yes, then Ontario is definitely looking for you. Once you’ve bought or established a company in Ontario, you will be eligible for applying to this provincial nominee program. Here are some other criteria that you must meet:  
  • Your net worth must be north of $800,000
  • An investment of $500,000 or more must be made in the Province of Ontario
  • Your business must create two or more jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • As an Entrepreneur, you must have more than 3 years of Experince in a Senior Management position

Corporate Category

  If your organization has invested heavily in Ontario, then you might be in luck as you will then be eligible for applying to the Corporate Category. Here are the requirements for the same:  
  • Your corporation must have invested more than $5 million in Ontario
  • Your corporation has created more than 5 jobs for Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • You must hold a key role in your Corporation
  • Track record of the International Business of your Corporation must be good for at least the past 36 months
  • You must meet minimum criteria for English language proficiency

International Students Category

  International students who want to live and work in Canada can apply to this program. The parameters of the category have been mentioned below:  
  • Have finished your Master's degree or above from an Educational Institution based in Ontario
  • Application for PNP must be submitted by the applicant within the 2 years of completing their master's degree or Ph.D. program.
  • Must have good proficiency in English and/ or French
  • Must have lived in Ontario for the past 1 year

French Speaking Skilled Worker Category

  French-speaking individuals can apply to OINP via this category. The requirements are more or less the same as those of general category. The only difference is that you must have  very high proficiency in French (Canadian Language Benchmark level 7 or above.)     The parameters defined for each of these categories differ from one another. You must assess your profile and requirements before applying through a particular category.     Canada’s declining population presents a unique problem for each province. To fuel economic growth they need both low income and high skilled workers. Through immigration, Canada has managed to get a hold of this dire situation. The same situation varies from province to province. Some provinces may require more IT professionals while others may require Marketing managers. Hence, provincial nominee programs become very relevant.     To know more about Canada Express Entry Program and eligibility requirements, it is suggested that you fill the free assessment form and wait for call back with Free assessment Report from Immigration Experts.