I would give credit to Australia’s robust economy due to which, thousands of people every day are motivated to enjoy the lavish lifestyle of Australia through skilled migration program. The skilled migration program is beneficial deal for professionals with plenty of work experience, have a decent age and whose proficiency in English is great. The program packs a load of perks and incentives, the most striking being able to obtain PR without much hassle. That is not all; you can bring over your immediate family to this lovely country with varied culture and amazing landscape.Similar to other countries Australian Government has brought forward a point’s based system to select the best candidates who can contribute to their economy,


the applicants which are applying for the visa can lift their chances of obtaining visa approval through smartly gaining points. An applicant needs to score a minimum of 60 points on the point calculator to become eligible so that he can apply for the visa. Obtaining 60 points is not a big deal if you consult an immigration consultant, their guidance as to how to go about your visa selection process throws a light at a simple way of passing various tests.

Subsequent qualifications are mentioned by the Australian Skilled Immigration department to carefully evaluate an applicant’s eligibility.

Work Experience

You should know that your work experience in Australia, as well as your nominated field is also helpful in securing some extra points.


•    Overseas workers who have eight or more years of Australian experience under their belt get 20 points
•    Individuals who only managed 5 years of Australian experience get 15 points
•    People With 3 years of Australian experience get 10 points
•    Overseas workers who have just 1 year of experience get only  5 points


Desired Age Requirement

Your age is very crucial, as age requirement is a great concern. Migrants aged between 25 and 32 are preferred for migration. Even though, it is not the end of the world for other applicants, you can easily grab more points in other categories.

English Proficiency Check for skilled migration visa

Your ability to use English language proficiently entitles to receive more points.


•    Applicants with above 8 IELTS score get 20 points straight away
•    Applicants who score between 7 and 8 only get 10 points


The key is to know all the requirements so that you can work accordingly and check your progress. Smartly gaining the desired points is the mantra for success, though a little bit of luck is never bad.