'By the dawning of the year 2015, Canada will bring enforce the new “express- entry” program. The Canadian government has high hopes regarding this new program as it is being anticipated as a diverse and improved way to attract immigrants to Canada.

Despite the fact that the government has spent sizable time touting the benefits of the improved program, there seems to be only minuscule information reaching the general public about the dynamics of the new program.

Here is what we know about the new program, the express-entry program is aimed to attract foreign nationals to apply for Canadian permanent residence under a new establishment that will take into account their skillsets and various other aspects, demand of Canadian employers will also be kept in mind. The interested foreign nationals willing to migrate to Canada for PR will submit an initial application online. The details we received about the terms and conditions are fairly limited.

With the help of this application, the skilled migrants will get a chance to endorse their skillset and appear more attractive to prospective foreign employers. To get more information consult Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

This program will enable the process of skilled migrant’s self-promotion, as a result of which the employer who keenly recruit will be able to receive information about the migrants. The employers can then easily select migrants from a huge pool of potential employees and support the applicant’s permanent residence application.

The government has pointed out that as a part of this program, permanent residence applications will take roughly six months to process, allowing for swift entry to Canada of skilled foreign nationals. However, there is no sign of how long the recruitment stage will take, or how often migrants will be nominated to obtain an invitation to apply. Some aspects are unclear but the program seems legit and promising.