Canada’s Express Entry Immigration Is Proving to Be a Boon for Skilled Immigrants
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A few years back people had to endure rejections and didn’t quite make it to the quota of 400 worldwide applicants when they applied for immigration to Canada, even though they had post-graduate degrees and had good qualifications.


From January 2015, people equipped with degrees, skills and qualifications won’t have to meet the same fate as those people who did not make it to Canada. Yes that’s right, be prepared to step into Canadian shores thanks to express entry skilled immigration system that’s all set to come into effect really soon. Formed by same regulations as Australia’s SkillSelect and New Zealand’s point based system, the new programme is an alteration from passive processing to active recruitment. According to the new system, several of the skilled successful applicants in the economic and business immigrant categories could acquire their papers processed swiftly in as little time as six months. This express entry immigration system is a boon for immigrants with a potential to revolutionize the manner in which skilled immigrants are attracted and get them working in Canada quicker. This changes everything; people who earlier were facing problems immigrating to Canada now have a splendid opportunity to live and work in Canada with a scope of settling down in Canada and admire its beauty.


Under the new express system, applicants will be able to submit an “expression of interest” to the Canadian government; soon after their resume and personal details will be fed into a database. In accordance, Employers in the hunt for foreign skilled workers will have access to details on the database, allowing them to pick suitable candidates. Another advantage of this programme is that there will be greater number of people in the pool to select from than before, so you get a wide variety of people to choose from who have endless talent and qualifications, who knows you may find someone better for a job than you would generally find. Moreover, if a Canadian employer is unable to find the suitable Canadians to work for them, after a labor market impact assessment, they can go online to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) database of applicants and look for skilled migrants according to their requirement of project managers etc. in India or anywhere in the world.


This is a great opportunity for skilled people in India to migrate to Canada, work and live a lavish life with your family.

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