On 20th September 2016, in the 20th round of invitations rolled out under express entry, Canada has witnessed an increment in the amount of ITAs (Invitation to apply.) Candidates need to score a minimum of 484 points on the basis of parameters set in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS.) A staggering amount of 1,518 candidates received an invitation on the basis of their express entry profiles. This may be a minor rise in the overall amount of invitations but it does give a picture of where Canada is headed with the immigration programs. This is the highest amount of invitations rolled out at once in the year 2016. The amount of points required for immigration has also witnessed a slight fall and is expected to fall further in the future. The points are used to rank immigration applicants against each other in order to identify the ones who would be most suitable for permanent residency in Canada. The Candidates who apply through the express entry profiles are given the ITA, if they qualify with a minimum amount of CRS score. After receiving their ITA, candidates can apply for permanent residency in Canada.