Construction workers in an irregular situation in the Greater Toronto Area are in the process of obtaining an immigration stream.

Canada announced a temporary initiative to allow 500 out-of-state construction workers to appeal for RP Canada status. The initiative will be open to those hired in the construction industry in the Greater Toronto Area (G.T.A).

Reason for the introduction of an immigration route for construction workers 

This program is launched later in the report to the Government of Canada, which represents the vulnerabilities of these out-of-status workers, despite their contributions to Canada's economy. The report notes that because of their immigration status, these workers and their families are doomed to live in anxiety and the presence of construction workers out of their status leads to lower wages for Aboriginal Canadians.

The current immigration process is part of the Temporary Public Policy on Construction Workers who are out of status in the GTA. It aims to improve the protection of some of these construction workers and their families while protecting Canada's labor market. This policy was not released until July 5, 2019. As a result, no further information on the program has been announced.

Construction workers who are suitable for the program have come to Canada through the legal channels of temporary workers, but previous changes to immigration programs have resulted in their withdrawal from the legal labor status.

Overall, it's a Government of Canada decision, "said Ruairi Spillane, founder of Outpost Recruitment, one of Canada's leading construction firms. These workers, who have been working in the construction industry for years, can work without worry and the wages of Aboriginal Canadian workers should increase.

Eligibility for immigration path 

The program will provide 500 jobs to non-status workers currently working in the Greater Toronto Area. Prospective candidates will be required to register with the Canadian Labor Congress (CLC), who will decide on their qualification and return them to the immigration program.

Refugees, Immigration and Citizenship Canada (IRC) announced that more details regarding the applications would be announced during the week of July 22, 2019.

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