The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has released the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) and has identified 17 occupations that fill complete the current critical skills needs which are necessary to support the economic recovery of the nation from the COVID-19 crisis. The action has been taken following the expert advice received from the National Skills Commission and also after consulting with the Commonwealth departments.

The Employer sponsored nominations and other visa applications which are submitted under the occupations listed under the PMSOL will be prioritized during processing. Although, all other skilled occupation lists will also remain active simultaneously, but the PMSOL occupations will be given more preference.

Please note that this list is temporary and the listed priority occupations might change in the future as the Australian Government will recover from the effects of pandemic. Both, the Government and the National Skills Commission will maintain a continuous track of the impact of COVID-19 on the nation’s labour market and will evaluate the in-demand skilled across Australia as they will evolve and also as new sources of data will be brought further.


The Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List  (PMSOL)


The 17 occupations (ANZSCO code) that are being included in the new list are as follows:

  • Chief Executive or Managing Director (111111)
  • Construction Project Manager (133111)
  • Mechanical Engineer (233512)
  • General Practitioner (253111)
  • Resident Medical Officer (253112)
  • Psychiatrist (253411)
  • Medical Practitioner nec (253999)
  • Midwife (254111)
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)
  • Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) (254415)
  • Registered Nurse (Medical) (254418)
  • Registered Nurse (Mental Health) (254422)
  • Registered Nurse (Perioperative) (254423)
  • Registered Nurse new (254499)
  • Developer programmer (261312)
  • Software Engineer (261313)
  • Maintenance Planner (312911)

Travel Exemption Process and Requirements for individuals working in critical sectors or professional with critical skills


All the required information with regards to Australia’s ongoing travel exemption procedures and processes laid down for those that professional with critical skills and for those working in critical sectors is detailed as follows:

The Australian Government holds stringent border measures at present to protect the health of its citizens. Only limited flights are currently are assisting travelers to and from the country. If you have received a travel exemption, you might not be allowed to travel during this time. However, these travel restrictions can change at any time.

All travelers from across the world that are arriving in Australia, which also includes citizens of Australia, are required to go through mandatory quarantine for a period of 14 days at some designated facility, which can be a hotel or on their individual port of arrival or others. Here, you may be required to bear all costs for your quarantine.


Details about Travel exemption requirements for individual employed in critical sectors or those with critical skills are as follows:


The Commissioner of the Australian Border Force can grant the permission to an individual for travel exemption in case you are not a citizen of Australia, only under the following conditions:

  • Travelling only at the invitation of the Government of Australia or that received from a state or territory government authority for the primary purpose of assisting the national labour force in the ongoing COVID-19 response

  • Providing specialist or critical medical services, which includes medical evacuations, air ambulance and also delivering the required critical medical supplies
  • With critical skills that are needed to maintain the delivery and supply of essential goods and services. This includes medical infrastructure, telecommunications and other technology, supply chain logistics, primary industry, agriculture and others

  • Delivering services in those sectors that are critical for the economic recovery of the country. This includes financial technology, large scale manufacturing, media, film, television production and also emerging technology, where no other Australian workers are available
  • Providing critical skills also in religious and theology fields
  • Sponsored by an employer which allows you to work across Australia in an occupation listed on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)
  • Whose entry would otherwise be in the National interest of the country, also supported by the Government of Australia or a state or territory authority

An individual can submit a request for a travel exemption under this particular category or a business can also submit a request on the behalf of the individual. The applications then belonging to that of multiple travelers belonging to the same group or businesses will be linked together so that all these requests are considered together as one while processing further.


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