It is quite interesting and delightful to note that the Indian community is regarded as the most educated community in Australia. The indicative analysis of this fact is done by the Editor of “Pehchan” News Paper Umar Amin, who has collected the figures from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s documents.

According to the Melbourne’s News Paper, 54.6 per cent of migrants from India embrace a bachelor’s degree or any other higher educational degree in Australia. This ratio is three times higher than the national average of Australia which was noted at 17.2 per cent in the 2011 census. It is apparent from this analysis that Indian’s hold the first position on the podium while Americans were second with 52.2 per cent having a Bachelor’s or higher qualifications.

An additional analysis by the same News Paper shows that if one broke up the qualifications among the two main religious groups migrating to Australia from India, Hinduism holds the first position with 88.1 per cent followers holding the qualification of year 12 and above, while Sikhism stood second in the list with 85.9 per cent of its population falling in this category.

Indians lead in the field of education constantly from the 2006 census!