Yes it’s easy as it gives 15 bonus points.

Points test changes (16 November 2019)

Recently published legislation introduces changes to the Points Test for General Skilled Migration visas commencing 16 November 2019.

These changes are relevant to existing Subclass 489,189 and 190 and the new Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491 visa, which will also commence in 16 November 2019.

The changes to the points test will include:

1. 10 points for applicants with a skilled spouse or de facto partner (under 45 with Competent English, suitable skills assessment and with an occupation on the same skilled occupation list). Earlier its 5 points.

2. 10 points for applicants who do not have a spouse or de facto partner or who have a spouse or de facto partner who is an Australian citizen or a Permanent resident (New)

3. 5 points for applicants with a spouse or de facto partner who has competent English (New)

4. 15 points for applicants who are nominated by a State or Territory government, or who are sponsored by a suitable family member. These points are relevant to applicants for a Subclass 489 visa or the new Subclass 491 visa. Earlier its was 10 points.

5. 10 points for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) qualifications. Australian Masters by Research or Doctorate Degree, at least 2 Years in a relevant field. Earlier its 5 points.

The 489 vs 491 - A look into the main changes

From 16 November 2019 you will no longer be able to apply for the 489 visa. The subclass 491 will replace current the Skilled Regional (Provisional) subclass 489 visa.

491 visa holders must live and work in regional Australia for three years before applying for permanent residency under the 191 visa category. (Previously 2 years under the 489 visa). The visa validity period will increase from four years to five years to allow applicants more time to meet this requirement.

This visa will be accessible for more people; with over 500 new occupations eligible under the new 491 visa. Moreover, the definition of regional Australia will be simplified and broadened to include all areas of Australia except the metropolitan areas of; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth. The notable changes here is that Newcastle, Wollongong and the NSW Central Coast will be classified as regional, and can settle to more regional areas as compared to old 489 designated areas


· Filing multiple EOI , 189 , 190 , 491 (if eligible)

· Read all factors how to Increase score , the higher the score , sooner is the Invite and its FIFO

How To Claim Extra Points For Australia PR, for faster Invite

How to Claim Extra Points for Australia PR

· Go for NAATI CCL to get 5 Points ,we can arrange Early dates & coaching too.

· New skilled regional visas - 491 will be the fastest option for Invite.

Australia Focus More On Regional Migration

(New 491 skilled visas to encourage migration to regional Australia)

491 Visa Eligibility, You must:

· be nominated by a state or territory government agency or be sponsored by an eligible relative;

· have a relevant occupation on a skilled occupation list;

· have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation;

· satisfy the points test;

· be under 45 years of age at the time of invitation;

· have Competent English;

· submit an Expression of Interest vis SkillSelect;

· be invited by the Department to apply;

· DHA Fee (main applicant) $4,045 and for spouse is: $2,025

Benefits of New skilled regional visas - 491 visa

1. 16,000 places allocated each year.

2. Priority processing of regional applications.

3. Live, work and study in a designated regional area of Australia

4. Visa will be granted for initially 5 years

5. Must live and work for 3 years in regional areas to get Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) 191 Visa

6. Replaces 489 family and state sponsored visas.

7. Incentives for migrants to stay in regional areas longer term as they build ties through workforce and community participation.

8. Nomination by state or territory government or sponsorship by an eligible family member to reside and work in a specified/designated area - additional 15 points under this visa 491

9. Bill has been passed for all social services -- The bill will give effect to government policy that holders of new provisional skilled regional visas, which come into effect on 16 November 2019, will have access to government services consistent with skilled permanent visa holders.

10. Can move between regions and change occupations

11. Regional Australia is everywhere except Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

12. Can apply for permanent residence without a second nomination stage, if eligible, through the subclass 191 visa (commences 16 November 2022.)

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa 491

(Need to check which all states are nominating your occupation once its open!)

Note :

The Aspirant who are :

a) Single – EOI has been updated with 10 points with no change in DOE

b) Partner Skill - EOI has been updated with 5 points (In addition to 5 Previous Points) with no change in DOE

c) Adding Partner’s competent English (now) – 5 Points will be added, DOE will change.

d) Adding NAATI CCL, now - 5 Points will be added, DOE will change.

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