VETASSESS has published a blog post regarding the most common questions they get for skills assessment, which is as follows:

Is it necessary to present proof of tax payment with my payslips?

You must provide us with a variety of payslips (at least two). Providing formal taxation documentation demonstrates that your job is a genuine source of revenue.

Are the requirements for all DAMA low-skill professions the same?

Employers in specified regions of Australia can use Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMAs) to recruit a wider range of foreign employees than is accessible under conventional skilled visa programmes. VETASSESS evaluates a variety of skilled and semi-skilled occupations for overseas workers who want to come to Australia through DAMA programmes. Each DAMA has its own set of regulations to suit the region's labour demands.

What may be offered alternatively if a company refuses to prepare a statement of service in accordance with VETASSESS regulations (for example, without placing it on letterhead)?

We recommend a declaration of service on official letterhead for professional jobs. If this is not possible, you can submit a statutory statement together with a collection of other official documents such as payslips, contracts, and promotion letters. You can also provide us with your referee's official contact information. If our assessor needs further information, they may contact the referees you gave for verification purposes.

What proof do I need to submit to support my application as a self-employed tradesperson?

A letter from a tax representative, such as your registered/chartered accountant, demonstrating that they have been handling your money and tax responsibilities is required. We'll want to examine tax returns for each relevant year of work, as well as other financial documents such invoices you created for clients and supplier invoices made out to you. You can support your case by providing bank statements for those years, as well as statements from clients or other third parties.

The evidence that self-employed persons can offer is also explained in this VETASSESS blog on self-employment.

I work as a tradesperson. What can I do if my prior employer refuses to provide payment proof?

If you are unable to contact your previous employer (for example, if the company has closed), you may provide other forms of financial evidence such as taxation documents, superannuation (pension) statements, work permits with financial details, and bank statements that show the employer's name and salary deposits made.

Can a person who works in the supply chain and interacts with customers be considered for the position of Customer Service Manager?

This may or may not be the case depending on the principal employment/contract role. You must demonstrate that the identified occupation is being done as your principal paid work function in order to be scored favourably against it.


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