Before it expires, find out how to renew your skills assessment.

If your skills assessment was successful and you'd want to be reevaluated, you could be qualified to submit a renewal application through VETASSESS.

For a variety of reasons, including the addition of recently acquired skills and/or work roles that weren't previously appraised, you might want to be re-evaluated.

The application for renewal includes:

• a reevaluation of the results of your initial successful skills assessment, taking into account new credentials or job, including for the Points Test.

• extending the expiration date with or without your new credentials or job.

You must show that your abilities fulfill the current standards for your specified occupation when submitting an application for renewal in order to meet our requirements.

The requirements must be verified because they could have changed. We'll compare your credentials to the requirements and see if you've lately held employment in your field of expertise.

Please be aware that VETASSESS cannot ensure that the renewal application procedure will be successful.

You are responsible for finding out from the Department of Home Affairs whether a new skills assessment result is required for your proposed visa application.

The typical validity period for a favorable complete skills assessment result is three years from the date of issuance.

You can get in touch with us whenever your skills assessment is due to expire if you need to renew it.

Your skills assessment outcome letter cannot be extended once it has expired. By login into your Dashboard, you must submit a fresh skills assessment application using the online application portal.

How to apply for a Renewal Application

You can submit an online renewal application if you presently have a recent, positive full-skills assessment for your chosen occupation.

You will have to reapply and pay the full price if you choose to submit your application after the three-year window has passed.

In order to submit a renewal application:

To submit the Renewal, go to the "Completed Cases" area of your online application site.

This choice is available for Priority Processing when all prior employment and credentials have received favorable evaluations.

You can examine any prior employment or qualification entries in your first application using your online portal. In addition, you may include any new extra credentials and/or jobs recently earned to support your online renewal application. You will also be able to provide more paperwork to support your further claims.

Fee and Payment

If the applicant is considered an Australian resident for tax purposes, application fees include GST.

In cases where online application and payment are allowed, VETASSESS accepts MasterCard or VISA.


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