More than 250 unionists blocked the entrance of a Perth hotel where the conference on foreign workers was going on. The Duxton hotel in Perth witnessed a ravaging protest by angry unionists against the Federal Government’s decision to reverse the previous Labor Government’s restrictions on the occupation of foreign workers.


The Senator addressed the annual Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA) skilled migration conference. The Labor’s Federal immigration and Border Protection spokesman was also present at the annual event.


The street outside the hotel was filled with groups of Banner-waving protestors blocking the entrance.


The reason behind this fuss is that the Unionists are angry about the Government’s decision to ease rules revolving around foreign employment on the offshore oil and gas projects.

The Federal court ordered Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) to measures introduced by the Abbott Government, which pursued to abolish restrictions lying on the employment of non- Australian workers on the sites.

This came as a shock as the former government has amended the Migration Act to expand the migration norms as a result of which foreign workers needed a permanent visa to work on offshore oil and gas platforms.


However, this year, the Abbott Government introduced a new regulation that would allow temporary visas to be acceptable for non-Australian workers and null and void the need for these workers to obtain a permanent visa to work.


This is good news for the foreign workers as the previous act is not in power now, the amendment allows foreign workers to work without a permanent visa. If you are a skilled worker willing to work in Australia you can contact the best immigration consultants in Delhi to get more details.