During a marathon session until Sunday morning, the National Assembly of Quebec passed the controversial Bill 9, which will result in the cancellation of approximately 16,000 pending immigration applications for the program. Skilled Workers of Quebec (QSW). The legislation also lays the groundwork for the introduction of a "values test" that will be required for applications for permanent residence in the future.   The Canadian province of Quebec, home to the city of Montreal, has entered into a single immigration agreement with the federal government under which Quebec chooses its own economic immigrants.   Quebec Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette introduced Bill 9 in February 2019. Thanks to this new legislation, Quebec will be able to move quickly to its new system of selection and application of legislation. immigration, Arrima, that Jolin-Barrette claims to reduce treatment time from three years to just six months and will allow Quebec to be more selective among skilled immigrant workers.   Arrima is an electronic application management system used to manage applications of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Similar to the federal Express Entry system, Arrima uses a points system to award points to candidates for various criteria designed to assess their ability to integrate into Quebec's workforce.   Although Jolin-Barrette praises this new immigration system of "immigration moderator", it should be noted that this system was not implemented by his government, Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), but in reality by the former Liberal government in August 2018.   Law 9 was strongly criticized for its provision to remove a backlog of QSW applications submitted before the new Arrima system. When Bill 9 was introduced in February, there were about 18,000 applications pending, but about 2,000 were processed in previous months, leaving about 16,000 pending applications to be thrown away. This plan to eliminate as many requests has been sharply criticized by members of opposition parties as well as by a group of Quebec immigration lawyers who have already brought the province to court for Bill 9 .   As legislation has only been passed in recent hours, it is unclear exactly how the law will come into effect and when QSW pending applications will be officially canceled. This story is in development and new details will be released as soon as they become available.   In particular, this law will not affect the popular Quebec program of experience (PEQ) for French-speaking immigrants who have already worked or studied in Quebec.   If you have any questions, please contact our experts on info@immigrationexperts.com   Call us on:   0120-6618011 0120-6618123 +91-9999467676