Need of Evidence for Settlement Funds Escalates for Express Entry Candidates

IRCC advises Express Entry candidates to ensure their profiles reflect annual adjustments

The Canadian Government has brought in a minimal escalation to its need of settlement funds and is persuading candidates opting Express Entry to ensure their profiles reflect the change.

The escalation boosts the required minimum settlement funds by just over 1.5 per cent for each family level. And for an individual arriving in Canada, not being accompanied by any family member the funds goes to an increase from $12,474 to $12,669.

Number of family members 2018 amount (in Canadian dollars) 2019 amount Increase
1 $12,474 $12,669 $195
2 $15,530 $15,772 $242
3 $19,092 $19,390 $298
4 $23,181 $23,542 $361
5 $26,291 $26,701 $410
6 $29,652 $30,114 $462
7 $33,013 $33,528 $515
Each additional family member $3,361 $3,414 $53

The candidates opting for Federal Skilled Worker Class and the Federal Skilled Trades Class candidates should present the evidence of funds. This is needed to ensure the principal applicant and the family members who will escort have enough funds to support themselves e they land in Canada as permanent residents.

Canadian Experience Class candidates who are working in Canada on an eligible work permit get the flexibility not to present the evidence of having minimum settlement funds.

However, Canadian Experience Class candidates invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence through the Federal Skilled Worker Class will have to present evidence of funds.