As a result of the pandemic, some jobs in Nova Scotia are in higher demand than others.

COVID- 19 measures have made the workplace appear significantly different than it did previously, and some industries have performed better than others in implementing the necessary changes.

A government assessment issued by Canada shows the employment lost in Nova Scotia as a result of the pandemic.

As a result of public health measures aimed at preventing the spread of the virus, many Canadians have lost their jobs or had their hours shortened. The hospitality industry is one of the most affected sectors.

Other jobs, on the other hand, witnessed a rise in demand. Some of these positions are listed below. Their National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes are shown below.

1. Business, finance and administration jobs

Because many of these occupations can be performed remotely, they were unaffected by pandemic-related health precautions. Some of the jobs that are in high demand include:

• Financial auditors and accountants (NOC 1111);

• Administrative officers (NOC 1221);

• Administrative assistants (NOC 1241);

• General office support workers (NOC 1411).

2. Natural and applied sciences and related jobs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, these jobs performed reasonably well. Many people were able to work while maintaining physical distance and other health precautions, or while working remotely.

Engineers in different disciplines have had strong career prospects, and the number of individuals working in computer and information systems occupations in Nova Scotia has been continuously growing.

The following are some of the most in-demand jobs:

• Information systems analysts and consultants (NOC 2171);

• Software engineers and designers (NOC 2173);

• Computer programmers and interactive media developers (NOC 2174);

• Deck officers, water transport (NOC 2273);

• User support technicians (NOC 2282).

3. Health jobs

In Nova Scotia, health occupations comprise one tenth of the workforce. Because of the province's elderly population and the growing popularity of homecare, demand for these professions existed prior to COVID-19. The pandemic boosted demand even further.

Here are a few examples of jobs that have benefited:

• Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses (NOC 3012);

• Licensed practical nurses (NOC 3233);

• Massage therapists (NOC 3236);

• Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates (NOC 3413).

4. Trades, transport and equipment operators and related jobs

Many construction jobs were unaffected by the pandemic. Professionals were required to conform to physical distance guidelines as well as wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while on the job.

Construction occupations that are less specialised, such as carpenters, labourers, and assistants, are in high demand, and this trend is anticipated to continue.

Because of the growing number of healthcare, highway, and private sector projects, specialised tradespeople and heavy equipment operators may be in great demand.

Long-haul truck drivers were already in high demand prior to the pandemic. This demand has risen dramatically.

Here is a list of jobs that may be in high demand in Nova Scotia:

• Carpenters (NOC 7271);

• Transport truck drivers (NOC 7511);

• Delivery and courier service drivers (NOC 7514);

• Heavy equipment operators, except crane (NOC 7521);

• Construction trades helpers and labourers (NOC 7611).

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