June 28, 2020

– A significant number of approved candidates for the fast-track visa program of Canada mainly comprises of computer programmers

– Indian citizens make it to 62.1% of the approved and successful applicants that get through the fast-track program of Canada

– Many tech-based companies across USA have also displayed their expansion into the Canadian operations

The fast-track visa program being launched by the Government of Canada in the year 2017 has attracted a great number of tech professionals in the past and now when the US President Donal Trump has announced the latest crackdown on immigration to the US, the intake through the fast-track visa program will further boost as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions will be laid off.

The total number of eligible and approved candidates that have applied towards the Global Skills Strategy (GSS) program increased upto five times in the first three years of its launch, through which more than 23,000 tech workers have been approved to come to Canada under its top five accepted tech categories, as confirmed by the data received from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

More than 2,300 applications that have been accepted in the above top five tech-based professions between January to March 2020, just before the COVID-19 lockdown only resulted into the closure and a sharp decline in the immigration. The program attracts great number of applicants by boasting two-week processing time.

The Immigration lawyers have confirmed that they are in favour of the fast-track program which is also perceived as transparent and persistent and instances where Canada has been taking advantage of the immigration related decisions being taken by Trump since he has entered into the White House in 2017.

Trump announced a presidential order that has temporarily restricted the international workers from entering into the country on certain visas, which according to the officials would help create more than 5 lakhs jobs for the workers that are US origin.
US technology companies which includes Amazon.com Inc, Facebook Inc, Alphabet Inc and Netflix Inc have in the recent past years have expanded their operations across Canada, although most companies have not decided yet  how the  recent announcement made by the US government will impact their hiring plans.

The program will make it possible to employ some of the top talents across North America that are present beyond the borders as many employers across Canada are helping the eligible individuals to relocate to Canada.

The majority of the approved candidates to the fast-track visa program of the Government of Canada were interactive media developers and computer programmers, also followed by the information systems consultants and analysts, as also depicted by the data released the IRCC.

Indian citizens comprises of a total of 62.1 percent of the applicants that are eligible for the fast-track program, after the Chinese citizens. The Immigration lawyers across Canada said that program is going to see an increase in the applications.

As the saying goes, whenever one door shuts, the other door is sought.

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