May 11, 2021


Honorable Prime Minister of United Kingdom Boris Johnson has confirmed the returning back of all the international University students to the country for the offline teaching starting next week, in addition to the launch of updated employment and skills guide


Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister has finally announced easing of the restrictions amidst pandemic in the England which will resume from May 17.


The prime minister applauded the efforts of the local citizens and all the front line workers in a recent press conference by saying that their efforts have visible paid off.


As per the latest date revealed by the government approved bodies and stakeholders, the cases of the coronavirus have been reported to be lowest since September and the deaths caused due to the same are lowest since the month of July last year.


From May 17 onwards, the Phase three of the roadmap designed by the government will be implemented which includes return of the students in the Universities across England for the face-to-case interaction, as also confirmed by the prime minister. Further to this, the University students also received additional benefit with the latest launch of the new and updated employment and skilled guide.


This newly introduced Graduate Employment and Skilled Guide includes a wide range of tools, advice and resources that have been compiled together in a 5-step plan which will considerably assist the graduates impacted by the effects of the pandemic with their employment related post-university choices. It will also assist them to identify and develop some important skills and accumulate professional experience and also their career while attending to the management of good mental wellbeing.


The vice-chancellors of various universities across the United Kingdom have confirmed that the educational institutions are planning an extended opening of the facilities as well as many activities in the campuses that will benefit the students.


However, the returning graduates are also encourages to take the medical test from their home country or from the community testing services at least a day before they would plan to travel back to the UK.


Further, the Department of Education has also confirmed that upon their arrival in the campuses, all the students and the staff members will be mandated to go through three supervised lateral flow device tests at an on-campus asymptomatic testing site and are being expected to test frequently, that is, at least two times per week during the remaining course of the summer term.


Home testing kits will be made available to assist those who will not be able to attend the on-campus facilities available for the testing.


All the remaining outdoor entertainment can also be reopened, this includes, outdoor cinemas and performances, as announced by the Prime Minister. Also, some large events would also be allowed to open, such as conferences, concerts and sports events. However, a regulation will still be imposed on such meetings of six people indoors and upto 30 people outdoors.


The Chief Executive of the MillionPlus Group of the modern universities, Greg Walker said that the students are excited to be welcomed back to the in-person teachings at the campuses in the UK.


Dr. Walker added that the enormous efforts contributed by the universities in order to ensure that the campuses are Covid-secure has been found to be remarkable and will help ensure that the in-person teachings are a possibility with appropriate assurance and safety measures in place in the upcoming weeks of the term to come.


In order to help the students who would require financial assistance, the Government of UK has announced the availability of an additional 85 million pounds towards the hardship funding. Both overseas and the postgraduate students will be eligible for this funding along with the local undergraduates of the nation.


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