The express entry point system will be changed this June onwards by Canada. The changes will include additional 15 points to applicants with French language skills. 30 points, for dual French and English language skills. And in the case of the sibling with Canadian citizenship or a permanent resident, the registrations with the job bank will be voluntary instead of mandatory. Furthermore, with the removal of mandate in bank job registration, all the candidates with minimum criteria under the express entry system will be placed automatically into the pool and will be immediately eligible for the draw. Thus this may impact the on time processing’s. The current comprehensive express entry ranking system awards applicants with 136 points for their primary language and up to 24 points for secondary official language. Due to the changes, now applicants will gain additional 15 points if the test level is at 7 of competence linguistic Canadians (NLC) with an English test result of Canadian language benchmark 4 or lesser. Applicants may earn 30 additional points for NLC level 7 test results in all the required 4 skills in French and CLB 5 or higher in English. Additionally, with applicants siblings that are 18 years and over and living in Canada with Canadian citizenship or permanent resident, the applicant will be awarded 15 points What our analysis say is that this change will lead to attracting francophone immigrants and with established sibling ties. The step of voluntary rather than mandatory job bank registration should ease the eligibility for invitation rounds. For any queries related to this topic can be assisted. Immigration Xperts look forward to helping and provide assistance. Book your consultation and talk to our experts now.