Canada Express Entry: Explanation of Comprehensive Ranking System Do you want to know more about the Express Entry policy in Canada?

Then you just pay attention towards the new immigration policy that is going to be launched in Canada.

This is really nice to notice that very soon the Government of Canada is going to launch a new immigration policy. There will be application of points system which will select the worker from abroad, who can enter smoothly into the country. The Government of Canada states that this immigration policy will be in demand policy.

This particular immigration policy will mainly implemented for smooth entrance of foreign skilled workers for the vacant job especially where Canadian workers are not available. As per this policy the foreign workers at first must do their registration in the Government job bank.

This is an online registration and every skilled foreign worker must do it first. The candidates who are having most points will be eligible to settle permanently in Canada.
For choosing the right candidate the Government will allot 600 points to each candidate and the highest point scorer will receive a permanent offer for the job. Here we can pay attention towards the statement given by the immigration Minister Chris Alexander. As per the policy, the immigrants who are considered as skilled for the job will be eligible to receive 1,200 points under Comprehensive Ranking System.

Again these points will be provided to the immigrants on the basis of the following factors.

• Immigrants will be allowed a maximum of 500 points. This is called as per the Government the core human capital factors. This includes age of the immigrants, his or her education level, and proficiency in different language. The Government will also look after the matter of work experience of the immigrants in Canada.

• An immigrant will be eligible to receive maximum 100 points according to the factors related to skill transferability. This will include the education level of each immigrant and whether he or she possessed any work experience in abroad or not.

• Next we should pay attention over the allocation of points over the age. A maximum of 110 will be allotted to the immigrants who are within 20 to 29. If any immigrant is below 17 years of age or above 45 years of age will obtain zero point.
The government of Canada has given statement in a press conference regarding the immigrants who will get permanent residency in Canada. As per this statement we can notice that the Government will offer permanent residency to approximately 65,000 to 75,000 skilled workers both from Canada and abroad. They will be eligible to get stable residency in 2015 as per the following categories:

• The government is looking to have at least 47,000 to 51,000 skilled workers coming from the combination of federal skilled workers and federal skilled trades.

• Again the Government is planning to have at least 21,000 to 23,000 skilled workers who must be from the experience working group in Canada.

Also, the Government has the plan to employ additional 46,000 to 48,000 skilled workers. All these employees will receive permanent residency in Canada. With the help of the provincial nominee program this permanent residencies will be provided to all the immigrants.